Build Muscle with Chest Exercises Focused on Strength Training


Build Muscle with Chest Exercises Focused on Strength Training

As athletes work out in order to build muscle, their fat reserves are depleted on two fronts. First, more calories are burned when activity levels rise and the heart rate increases. Second, when athletes reduce fat and build muscle tissue to replace it, the maintenance of this muscle tissue requires more energy and attention from the body than the maintenance of fat tissue. So as they build muscle and strengthen targeted areas of the body, athletes provide a boost to fat burning efforts that can keep metabolic systems active and energy levels elevated, even during sleep.

So intense strength training workouts that target large muscle groups like those in the legs and chest can provide layered benefits. This is especially true if these workouts contain chest exercises like the ones in the video below, since these large muscle movements can quickly elevate the heart rate into the fat burning zone and keep it there for an extended period of time.



Build Muscle: The Impact of Heart Rate on Fat Loss and Strength Training

Intense leg and chest exercises can help athletes build muscle and lose fat at the same time, and much of the success of these efforts depends on the heart. When the heart rate rises during workouts designed to build muscle, the metabolic process used to deliver nutrients to the cells begins to change. As the heart rises into a zone between 40 and 65 percent of its maximum speed, the body enters what’s known as the “fat burning zone”. In this zone, the metabolic breakdown of fat cells into energy and the delivery of this energy to stressed muscle cells both reach a high level of efficiency. As a result, the body burns fat quickly as athletes simultaneously build muscle.

At the same time, the muscle of the heart itself becomes stronger, and a stronger heart that beats with greater force and endurance can provide better support for increasingly intense workouts. Athletes who are working out in order to build muscle should pay attention to their heart rate and take measurements while at rest and at maximum intensity. These measurements can be used to determine when the body has entered the fat burning zone. In order to measure heart rate, athletes can count the pulse beats at the throat or wrist for six seconds and multiple that number by ten.  

Chest Exercises That Build Muscle and Burn Fat

The best arm, leg, and chest exercises for strength training and fat loss are those that place maximum stress on the targeted muscle groups and elevate the heart rate quickly. If these exercises involve movements that leverage body weight, resistance can be increased by adding an additional element of tension. Resistance bands can supply this additional tension, and a suspension training system can angle the body in a way that forces the muscles to support additional weight and expend energy on tasks like balance, coordination, and control.

The chest exercises in the superset below are designed to maximize body weight and build muscle using the KB Duo and KB PowerBands. Athletes can follow the demonstration and tailor the workout and the level of resistance to meet their own needs.

Chest Exercises: Inverted Push Up

Athletes can begin this superset of chest exercises by attaching the KB Duo to an overhead anchor point and adjusting the straps so they hang just above the floor. With the help of a partner, they can then place their feet in the straps while facing the floor and supporting their body weight with their palms. This chest exercise relies on the same essential movements as a traditional push up, but the suspension training element inclines the body and increases the pressure on the chest and arms.

Once athletes are in push-up position, they can bend at the elbows and complete as many push-ups as possible before reaching the point of failure. The back and the plane of the body should stay straight during this move. Maximum reps will help build muscle with the greatest level of speed and efficiency.

Chest Exercises: Flies

Immediately after reaching the failure point with the chest exercises above, athletes should move to the next set, which relies on the KB PowerBands. The bands should already be in place and securely attached to a vertical pole, so athletes can quickly take a handle in each hand and begin the second series of moves. Facing away from the anchor point, athletes should lean forward slightly and begin opening the arms to the sides and then squeezing them together in front of the body, staying straight at the elbows. This move depends on control rather than speed, so athletes should not rush and should stay focused on form and technique.

The pressure of this move should be concentrated in the muscles of the arms and chest, and as with the chest exercises above, athletes should complete the maximum number of reps before reaching the point of failure. Pushing the body to its limit offers the best way to build muscle, add strength and burn fat.

Chest Exercises: Between Sets

This entire workout involves three rounds of both sets of chest exercises. After reaching the point of failure in the second set, athletes should pause and rest for a full minute before beginning the next round. Since strength training can be very taxing and tiring for the arm and chest muscles, and a buildup of lactic acid can cause the muscles to burn, this rest period can be used to stretch the chest and arms against a wall or door frame. After one minute, athletes should return to the KB Duo and begin the series of chest exercises again.

The two-fold benefits of fat burning and strength training continue as long as athletes incorporate chest exercises like these into a complete workout plan. If these chest exercises are completed correctly all the way to the point of failure, athletes can continue to build muscle and burn fat long after the workout ends.


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