Kbands Speed And Agility Cones

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Agility Cones

Build Explosive Acceleration and Deceleration

Agility Cones are essential to building explosive acceleration and deceleration during competition. By focusing on quick step movements, running form and body control you will see the benefit of training with Agility Cones fast. Simulating game like cuts you will develop the proper footwork needed to perform at your best with the ability to change direction quicker and more effectively. In addition to Agility Cones you will receive Cone Drill FX. This training program will help you get started training with Agility Cones.

Agility Cones Includes

  • 16 Agility Cones
  • Explosive accelerations and decelerations
  • Build quicker cuts during competition
  • Improved body breakdown and control

Enhance Your Results With Kbands

Utilize the power of Kbands to enhance your results training with agility cones. Throughout every resisted cone drill you will optimize your results building hip strength and stability for more explosive cuts.

As soon as you strap Kbands around your legs you will feel them fire. Set up your agility cones and enhace your results fast.

  • Enhanced muscle recruitment.
  • Full range of motion agility cone training.
  • Improved lateral strength and quickness.
Receive Cone Drill FX FREE


Included with each set of Agility Cones you will receive Cone Drill FX. Place this downloadable training program on your Smartphone, tablet or computer and train anywhere.During each training session you will receive technique tips, drill setup breakdowns and training advice from our expert trainers. Build explosive acceleration and decelerations today with Agility Cones and Cone Drill FX.

Cone Drill FX

  • Lateral Agility and Quickness
  • 40 Yard Dash Approach
  • Pro Agilily Footwork Training
  • 3 Cone Drill Breakdown

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