Resistance Bands For Abs Training At Home


Resistance Bands For Abs Training At Home

Getting a six pack is something that anyone looking to get in shape is always looking to achieve. Coming up with new and effective exercises can sometimes be a bit of a drag. We always like to add a lot of variety to our training programs for the core. To complete these exercises you will be able to utilize your Fusion Cables at home to get great muscle activation in your abs. Completing and was crunches and sit ups will only get you so far. Eventually your abs will become strong enough to complete more experienced exercises. At this point without increasing the resistance level your results will begin to taper. Check out the video below as we walk through how to complete I resisted Torque and Pull Down Exercises. These two exercises can be completed as a superset for a great core workout.



Torque For Better Oblique Muscles

The first exercise is going to be focused on core stability and oblique development. You're going to place six Fusion Cables on the lower, middle, and upper mounts. Next, we will grab an anchor strap and attach it to each individual Fusion Cable. Finally, we will attach our Fusion Handles to each of the resistance cables. This will allow us to have max resistance off-the-wall. The Fusion Cables Home Training System is a unique device that can replace all cross cable training machines within your own home. There is no need for heavy weights or taking up a lot of space. The Fusion Cables can be flush with the wall and allow for max resistance comfortably in your own home.

Now that you have all six Fusion Cables placed on the wall, we will move out into the resistance. Stand in an athletic position with your hands straight in front of you. We want to eliminate any other muscle groups from firing. Extend your arms out straight and rotate quickly in a flat plane. The motion should be explosive. Continually rotate from the neutral position into a rotational reach squeezing your outside oblique every turn. After 20 repetitions switch to the other side and complete an additional 20 repetitions. With a small 30 second break in between sets you will complete a total of three sets. These three sets will leave your heart rate elevated. You must push through any cardiovascular struggles you are having. The key here is to overwhelm your oblique muscles by being explosive. Abdominal definition is created with a low body fat percentage, and hitting the abs in different directions with resistance. Use this Torque Drill to help optimize your abs.



The Resistance Bands Abdominal Pull Downs Will Pair Nicely With This

Next, we will utilize a high Fusion Cable Mount. Place your Anchor Strap around the Mount, and loop the Fusion Cables through that Anchor Strap. Place the handles on each end and find your way to the floor. Next, we will be working down towards the floor pulling the resistance cables each repetition. Focus on contracting your abs and resisting on the way up. There is always two sides to every repetition. You have the concentric motion, and the eccentric motion. We must maintain complete contraction during both directions.

The Resistance Pull Downs for your abs will help overload the muscles. Continually complete 15 repetitions for five total sets to wrap up your super set. Always choose the right level of resistance. If you find yourself having a lot of energy and are far from muscle fatigue at the end of the set, it is important that you increase the Fusion Cable level. Included in your Fusion Cables Home Training System is five levels of Fusion Cables. Mix and match to optimize your training.

Resistance Training For Your Abs And Nutrition

Keep things fresh and continue to mix up your workout routines. We have many recommendations for abdominal training here on Take a look at our Cross Pull Over Exercise, Resisted Knee Up, and Resisted V-Ups for some more workout ideas at home. Also, be sure to check out KBT Nutrition. This nutrition program will help you shed unwanted body fat and get you moving in the right direction. Eating too many calories will always ruin your chances of seeing your abs. Even though you are continually focused on using the best resistance band exercises, a poor diet will lead to poor muscle definition. Take your training to a new level today and grab your Fusion Cables Home Training System now.


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