My-Plan | KBT Nutrition | Video Trainer

My-Plan | KBT Nutrition | Video Trainer

Published by Trevor Theismann on 22nd Oct 2021


KBT Nutrition was designed to help people like you learn how to tweak the way you eat and lose body fat. Weight loss is a given when following these simple steps. The key is to fuel your body for every workout for maximum muslce growth and fat burn. By altering the way you view food and making these simple changes I guarantee you will see the results you are looking for. Please feel free to ask quesitons in the comments below and take a look and some of the workout programs that fit well with this way of life down below as well. Enjoy!  Trevor Theismann

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How Many Calories

Eating the right amount of calories will make all the difference in what you wish to look like. Eating too much will leave you unhappy while eating the proper foods will revive your body leaving you full of energy. Calorie Calculator

Protein Essentials

Protein is essential for fat burn, muscle maintenance, and development. If you are not taking in enough protein you will never get the body you are working for. Take in 1-1.5 grams of protein per pound of ideal body weight throughout 5 meals.

Carb Tricks & Timing

You need carbs for energy. You need carbs only for energy. Eat carbs to fuel your body and for no other reason. When you get in this mindset, you will see more results than ever before. Your workouts will be more intense and you will become leaner each and every week.

Read Nutrition Labels

Get familiar with what you're eating. Understand what is in the foods you like and lose the foods that don't fit the bill of your goals. You are what you eat! Without understanding what you are putting in your body you will never achieve your goals.

Grocery List

Fresh foods and more fresh foods. If the foods you purchase are not rotten within a week or two then you are not buying the right foods. You need whole natural foods. Drop the processed foods and cook natural foods in bulk to make things easy for yourself.

Portion Control

You need to be eating 5 smaller meals throughout the day to speed up your metabolism. Small meals throughout the day will tell your body to quit storing fat because you are going to feed it. You must watch your portion sizes so that your body has time to burn fat in between meals.

Eat On The Move

Just because you are out of town does not mean you cannot continue this lifestyle. Plan ahead to prevent over eating and order foods that you would normally eat when at home. Being out of town doesn't mean booze and hamburgers are not going to make you fat.


Don't be scared of supplements. A multivitamin, 100% whey protein, and a fish oil supplement are going to make your body burn fat more efficient while still maintaining the optimal amount of calories your body needs.

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