How Can I Increase My Heart Rate Without Running?

How Can I Increase My Heart Rate Without Running?

Published by Trevor Theismann on 24th Nov 2021

How Can I Increase My Heart Rate Without Running?

How do you increase your heart rate without running? Running is a great exercise to help build endurance and improve heart health. Sometimes though, it is difficult to continue running to increase your heart rate due to joint pain. Finding a low impact exercise can be a great alternative to increasing your heart rate without running. Utilize the drill below and learn how to boost your strength and endurance without running.

What Exercises Can I Complete

The Resisted High Knee exercise is completed in a stationary position. Split your legs before beginning and position your kbands just above your knee. Raise your arms above your head and drive your knee towards your chest through the resistance. Your hands and legs will move simultaneously throughout the entire movement. As you become comfortable with the exercise, continue to pick up the pace to jump your heart rate. Be sure that you do not drop your chest and you maintain an upright position throughout the entire exercise. Your chest should go no lower than a 45° angle.  The more movement you can create the faster your heart rate will go.

Build Endurance Without Overtraining

As you can see during this exercise your heart rate will go through the roof. This stationary exercise is an easy way to build endurance and strength while never taking a step on a treadmill or running outside. Each movement with the speed resistance bands will burn in your hip flexor's and quads. This is the key to increasing your heart rate. With more muscle activation you'll find your heart rate increases much easier. No need to continually pound the pavement and hurt your joints. Mix in several days of low impact training. Exercises like this resisted high knee exercise can be a great solution to increasing your heart rate without running. Take a look at our cardio training section for more specific workouts to help build your endurance and strength.

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