Build Core Strength with These Exercises | Build Strength in Your Core and Obliques


Build Strength in Your Core and Obliques

Welcome back to the workout blog! Today we’ll focus on a superset of core exercises designed to target the muscles of the core, hips, and obliques. You can bring this workout to the gym, but you can also do it at home. These core exercises are versatile and can be knocked out just about anywhere you can find a place to anchor your KB Powerbands.

We’ll start with an extended punch to build tension in the core and maximize core strength. Then we’ll move onto a set of core-building side to side hops. Before you begin this set of core exercises, strap the Kbands resistance bands around your upper legs and attach the KB Powerbands to a stable pole or piece of equipment.

Ready to blast your core? Let’s get started!



Workout Reps Workout Sets

Extended Punch with side lunge



Side to Side Hops

10-12 2-3


Core Exercises: The Extended Punch with Side Lunge

For this first core exercise, stand a few feet away from your KB Powerbands anchor point with the handle in your left hand. Now rotate your body away from the anchor point and drop into a lunge, with your weight on your right leg and your left leg extended behind you. Shift forward over your right leg while simultaneously pushing your arm out in front of your body. Feel the burn in your core? If you’re doing it properly with a full range of motion, this move can build strength in your core and tax the muscles of your entire torso, core, and upper body.

After lunging forward with your left arm, draw your body back to the center, but don’t stand up straight. Instead, stay low in your core and keep your legs bent. Then lunge forward again. Repeat the move focusing on technique and core tension, not speed. Maintain control over your motion as you swing forward and draw back. Complete 15 to 20 of these core exercises on each side.

To make sure you’re adequately building core strength, not just chest strength, shift your hips each time you lunge. Push your weight forward instead of keeping it centered. If you’re fully focused on building tension in your core and hips, your heart rate should speed up fast. When you’re ready to build your core on the other side, shift position and push forward with your right arm.

Core Exercises: The Side to Side Hop

Drop into four-point or push-up position for this next set of core exercises. With your palms flat on the floor and your feet together, hop your feet to the left, then back to the center, then to the right. Repeat the same hop pattern several times and you’ll feel a strong burn building in your core. As you hop to the left and right, try to bring your feet up far enough to touch down parallel to your hands. The wider the range of motion in your hop, the faster you’ll maximize your core and elevate your heart rate.

A Few Last Words on Core Strength

Every muscle group contributes to the strength of your body, but when you dedicate extra attention to building core strength, you give your other muscle groups an additional foundation of power and flexibility. Core strength contributes to athletic performance in almost every sport, and a strong core means a strong back, a better base, and overall higher levels of agility and balance. When you increase your core strength, you get more out of your workouts for every other muscle group. Keep that in mind as you add these core exercises to your regular workout plan.

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