Resistance Band Workouts For Men | Kbands Live 109

Resistance Band Workouts For Men | Kbands Live 109

Published by Trevor Theismann on 14th Sep 2021

Kbands Live 109: Resistance Band Workout For Men

Resistance band workouts for men are an amazing way to build strong and powerful muscle without weights or the gym. These movements can be performed at home and will provide a workout with equal intensity of heavy weights. Kbands Training products are the best workout bands for men who want to build muscle in a dynamic way and gain unmatched muscular strength and endurance that will provide power, speed, and strength in every arena.

These ballistic workout bands are for men who are looking to get an intense workout. The Ballistic Bands are designed to be utilized for multiple muscle groups and to activate muscles to their full potential.

Resistance Band Workout For Men: Hamstring Curls

First loop the Ballistic Bands on the lowest level Fusion Wall Mounts. Use the lowest level resistance to begin. The key to this move is to move quickly and get blood flowing. Begin in the prone position, stomach on the floor and loop the Ballistic Bands around the left ankle. Perform a hamstring curl on the left leg for 30 seconds and then the right leg for 30 seconds. The hips should never come off the ground during this movement, that means there is too much weight and the hamstrings are not being targeted and the user is compensating with other muscles. Repeat this for a total of four sets.

Next, will be the double Ballistic Bands Hamstring Curls. Increase the resistance by utilizing both Ballistic Bands for maximized muscle activation and place both ankles in the loop. This is going to increase the intensity and muscle activation by using greater resistance. Complete this greater resistance level for three sets of 30 seconds. Take 20-30 second rests in between sets. This resistance band workout for men is going to build muscle and power in the legs for maximized performance.

Resistance Band Workout For Men: Ballistic Bands Squat Press

The Ballistic Bands Squat Press is going to be completed by utilizing one level of Ballistic Bands. The feet should be shoulder width apart and the band underneath the feet. Hold the top half of the Ballistic Bands in front of the chest maintaining a good athletic stance. Hands are also about shoulder width apart. To begin; squat down into a deep squat and power through the resistance to come back to a standing position and drive the arms up above the head in a shoulder press motion. Now, bring the arms back down and then bring the body all the way back to the squat. Drive through the resistance of the bands with power and control. Keep the muscles under tension for that explosive muscle action to increase strength, power, and sport performance. Perform 10-12 repetitions to failure. Push the body to its limits and challenge the muscles of the hips, glutes and shoulders. Perform 4-5 complete sets using the proper level of resistance.

Resistance Band Workout For Men: Reverse Lunge and Press

Use the lighter level Ballistic Bands for this exercise. Step on the Ballistic Bands with front leg and grip the top half with the hand on the same side of the front foot. The palm should be facing the body. Now, step back into a reverse lunge and when coming back up to a standing position, drive the Ballistic Bands up into a one arm shoulder press. This move is simple yet effective at building muscle and aiding in effective joint movement. Keep the core tight during this movement and the body in proper alignment. The hand should be shooting straight up and not out to the front, back, or side of the body. Proper alignment during this resistance band workout for men will ensure better greater muscle control during sport performance. Perform 10-12 repetitions on the side before taking a 30-45 second rest. Perform a total of 4-5 sets of the resisted reverse lunge and press.

Resistance Band Workout For Men: Wide/Neutral Curls

Utilize the KB Powerbands and proper resistance level for wide and neutral position bicep curls. Use both handles to perform a dual exercise for extreme resistance and muscle activation. Begin by tucking the elbows close to the sides and rotating the arm into a wide grip. Keep the wrists slightly turned in to take some pressure off of them. Keep a flat hand position and focus on bringing the knuckles toward the armpit chest. This will prevent compensating with the forearms muscles and specifically target the bicep for a strong and powerful muscle. Maintain resistance and momentum. Perform wide curls for 15 reps and then move immediately into the neutral grip curls for 15 reps. Take 30 seconds breaks in between a total of 4 sets. Work to failure and adjust resistance level as needed. KB Powerbands come with 4 different level of resistance, so this workout can be tailored to the user and make it the perfect resistance band workout for men.

Resistance Band Workout For Men: Lateral Raises

Lateral raises are going to target the shoulders and utilizing the resistance bands will increase strength and power by activating muscles deep down. Stand shoulder width apart gripping the handles of the KB Powerbands at the sides. Now raise the arms in a T-shape. Keep the arms straight and do not raise higher than shoulder level. Perform 10-12 repetitions before taking a brief 30-40 break and them moving directly into the next set. Complete a total of 4 sets and maintain good form and a quick pace. The quick pace with the workout bands for men will leave the shoulders on fire and lead to muscle growth.

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