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 Welcome back to the Flex-to-Fit video workout series! I’m Trevor Theismann from KBands Training and here in the Flex-to-Fit series, we provide short, hard-hitting training sessions that can help you build muscle, lose weight, gain strength, and improve your athletic performance. Our short sessions, like the following upper body and chest workout, can also help you get the most out of your Kbands, KB Powerbands, and KB Duo.

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Workout Reps Workout Sets



Dynamic Push-Up  8-12 3-4


In today’s Flex-to-Fit session, I’ll be walking you through a powerful chest workout that can help you build muscle mass and develop a strong upper body. As with most sessions that target muscle volume, this chest workout will rely heavily on the failure principle, so we’ll be maximizing tension and lifting until we’re unable to continue. This is the most effective way to generate hypertrophy and build muscle fast.

The flies and dynamic push up exercises in this chest workout will help you use your own body weight to build muscle in the upper body. So by extension, you’ll reach the failure point faster if you have a higher body mass. All the same, if your body mass is low, don’t worry! You’ll still get there. This chest workout is intense.

Upper Body and Chest Workout: Flies

Start by loading your resistance band with all four detachable bands for maximum tension. Wrap the band around the squat rack pole (or any sturdy anchor) and with your back to the pole, hold a handle in each hand.

To stay stable and protect your lower back during this chest workout, plant one foot behind the other. This way you won’t be tempted to arch your back unnaturally and hurt yourself. Raise the strap to the level of your mid-upper back and prepare to extend your arms and push the handles out in front of you.

Before you begin, check your body position. Don’t start the move with your arms behind the plane of your body. An effective chest workout happens only from your centerline forward. If you let your arms move behind you, you’ll only compromise your chest workout and risk injuring your shoulders.

When you’re ready to start the move, extend your arms to the sides, bend your elbow slightly, then push both arms forward and feel the squeeze in your upper body, chest, and abs. Return your arms to the sides over a count of three full seconds. Maintain constant pressure and resistance to get faster upper body and chest workout results. Stay under control and do this move until you reach the point of failure.

Upper Body and Chest Workout: The Dynamic Push Up

As soon as you reach the failure point, jump right into the next chest workout move, the dynamic push up. Drop into push up position, complete a push up, and then walk yourself two steps to the side, hand-hand and foot-foot. Keep your elbows and knees straight as you walk. After two steps, complete another push up. Then walk back.

As you complete this push up (or any push up move), make sure your hands stay even with the line of your chest, not your face. Again, keeping your hands lower can help you build muscle and get more out of your upper body and chest workout. It can also take unnecessary strain off your shoulders.

Upper Body and Chest Workout: Final Notes

As you move through this chest workout, keep in mind that your results will come from high quality reps, not low quality repetition. You can complete each of these moves 20, 30 or even 50 times, but you won’t get much out these reps if they’re done with low resistance and poor form. Don’t worry about the number of times you complete the chest workout moves; just focus on body control and maintaining a constant squeeze in the targeted upper body muscle areas.

As always, I’m here to help if you have any questions and I’d love to hear about your progress! Feel free to leave any comments you may have in the section below, and subscribe for more Flex-to-Fit workouts using the tab above. See you next time!


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