Powerful Summer Workout: Build Upper Body Strength


Powerful Summer Workout: Build Upper Body Strength

The summer season is right around the corner, and now is the time to start sculpting and shaping the upper body to in order to be toned and ready for long days on the beach. The summer workout session in the video below offers three powerful moves that can help build upper body strength and generate definition and size. Both men and women can benefit from these moves, but men especially will feel the burn and see the results created by these simple combinations of body weight and Kbands resistance and suspension training equipment. Suspension training relies on body weight to create resistance, and while the KB Duo maximizes the user’s weight to build upper body strength, the KB Powerbands add an element of resistance to exercises that target the chest, shoulders and triceps.



Summer Workout: The Hug

For the first move in this summer workout set, viewers will need to set up the KB Duo, a simple, lightweight, portable set of straps that can be applied to dozens of different exercise moves that target specific muscle groups. Before the workout can begin, the straps will need to be secured to a sturdy overhead anchor point, like a workout bar or a squat rack. Once the straps are in place and adjusted to they hang just lower than chest level, the summer workout set can begin with a move called the hug.

To complete the hug, users can hold a handle of the KB Duo in each hand and then walk the feet forward under the anchor point until the body is inclined and leaning back. The deeper the incline, the more challenging the move will be, since a steeper incline increases the degree of body weight that will need to be lifted and supported by the muscles of the arms and chest.

Once the user is leaning backwards and holding tightly to the straps, he can lift himself up by pulling the straps in a crisscross fashion across his chest. The Kb Duo brings a host of benefits to this classic move by increasing the range of motion in the arms, and concentrating the pressure of the move in the chest and arm muscles. After completing a few sets of hugs, users can take a brief one to two minute rest and then step into the next summer workout set: The push up.

Summer Workout: Push Ups

The classic pushup requires no equipment, only a bit of floor space. This simple move can help build upper body strength on multiple levels, especially if the move is modified throughout the summer workout set. Users should begin the series of pushups with the hands planted wide and the body weight supported mostly by the triceps and shoulders. As the exercise moves forward, users can bring the hands closer together, which will shift the tension of the move in toward the chest.

This move will be more effective if it’s completed to failure, which will happen sooner or later depending on the user’s general strength and body weight. After completing a few alternating sets of wide pushups to failure, followed by a narrow sets with the arms drawn in, users can take another short rest break for about one to two minutes before stepping into the final move of this summer workout set: The shoulder press.

Summer Workout: The Shoulder Press

The shoulder press is a move designed to build strength in the upper body using the targeted resistance of the KB Powerbands. The KB Powerbands, Like the Kb Duo, are available for purchase towards the top of the website under the products tab, and each set of resistance bands comes with four colored bands of different tension levels. Users can clip all of the bands to the handles for maximum tension, or they can choose any combination of the four to adjust the resistance to their own level of strength.

Once the chosen bands are clipped to the handles, the user can stand on the resistance bands at the center and begin the exercise by lifting the handles up over his head. Technique will be an important element of success with the shoulder press, and completing the move properly will not only bring better results, but can also help users avoid injury. So users should be careful to protect their rotator cuffs by bringing the bands up along the back and not allowing the arms to hyperextend backwards during the upward push.

As the move begins, the elbows should be held at right angles and opened up wide on either side of the body. As the user raises the handles into the air, he shouldn’t close the gap between his two hands; doing this can pull the bands toward the centerline and cause them to rub painfully against the back and shoulders. Each hand should rise straight up, and then come back down into the “L”, or right angle position.

The position of the back is also important during this move. The back should be straight, not arched, which means the rear end should stay tucked in rather than bowed out. The straighter the back stays during the lift, the more the tension of the move will be targeted to the arms and shoulders and not the lower back.

Summer Workout Set: Final Notes

This entire summer workout set should take about fifteen minutes to complete from beginning to end. Within that time period, users can take one to two minute breaks between each move, and short fifteen-second breaks between each individual set of hugs, push-ups, or shoulder presses.

Turn to the products tab for more information about the KB Duo and KB Powerbands, and while you’re exploring the site, visit the new “My Plan” section with navigation tools that can help you find the exact workout plan that fits your needs and athletic goals. This section contains resources that can help you shape your workout, timeline, exercise moves and nutrition planning around your own unique body type and workout schedule.


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