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KB Duo Home Strength Training Straps


The KB Duo Home Strength Training Straps makes training easy. This training tool will give you the mobility in your training you are looking for. Whether you're looking to install the KB Duo Home Strength Training Straps in your door or hang it from a secure mount the KB Duo will deliver. Build muscle, get in shape and take your athletic abilities to the next level with the KB Duo. Every exercise will challenge body control and core stability leading to explosive results. Working out with the KB Duo Strength Training Straps as little as two times a week can make all the difference in achieving your goals.

KB Duo Includes

  • Two Adjustable Hanging Straps (Up To 10ft)
  • Door Mount and Travel Bag
  • 2 Comfort Grip Handles, and Mounting Strap
  • Dynamic Strength XP Download Training Program

KB Powerbands For Shoulder Strength and Resistance Training

Enhance Strength, Stability and Performance

KB PowerBands are a complete upper body resistance bands package. With four levels of resistance bands, wrist straps, ankle straps, a door stopper, handles, and a Kbands Training carry bag you will have everything you need to train.

Build strength by adding multiple resistance bands to your handles. Even the strongest will be challenged by KB PowerBands. For beginners KB PowerBands offer as low as 3 pounds of resistance with the yellow resistance band. Mix and match any level of resistance you choose to increase the resistance.

(Users 7+ Years of Age)

  • Yellow Resistance Band = (4ft) 5 lbs
  • Green Resistance Band = (4ft) 7 lbs
  • Red Resistance Bands  = (4ft) 10 lbs
  • Blue Resistance Bands = (4ft) 15 lbs
  • Black Resistance Bands = (4ft) 25 lbs

Kbands Ballistic Bands (Cross Training Resistance Bands)

Increase Strength, Power, and Mobility

Kbands Ballistic Cross Training Resistance Bands are an essential training tool for all athletes. Each durable resistance band level offers a variety of exercises that you can complete such as: assisted pull-ups, drag sprints, manual resisted hamstring curls, and many more. 

The Kbands Ballistic Bands include six powerful resistance levels with an option for an additional band for advanced strength users. With 2-180 pounds of resistance you will be able to use these bands to maximize your strength gains with every exercise. 

Free Digital Training Programs With Your Ballistic Bands
  • Yellow (.25” x 41”) 2-15 lbs
  • Red (.5” x 41”) 5-35 lbs
  • Black (.75” x 41”) 10-50 lbs
  • Purple (1.2” x 41”) 25-80 lbs
  • Green (1.75” x 41”) 50-120 lbs
  • Blue (2.5” x 41”) 60-150 lbs



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