Power Squat Jumps With Kbands and KB Powerbands

Power Squat Jumps With Kbands and KB Powerbands

Published by Trevor Theismann on 10th Jan 2022

Kbands and KB Powerbands: Power Squat Drill

Resisted power squats are an intense and explosive way to train and this equals power and speed during performance. These powerful squat moves utilize KB Powerbands as well as the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands to increase the intensity of these power squats so that athletes can build power, strength, endurance, and speed all in one powerful squat action. These resisted power squat moves mean activation of the entire body for dynamic and unbeatable sport performance. KB Powerbands will help athletes achieve the muscle activation for increased vertical and horizontal power in any sport with the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands. Then there is the added bonus of activating arm and back muscles to increase strength for throwing sports.

Power squats are an essential move in any athlete’s workout arsenal. Power squat jumps are going to activate and enhance the muscles of the glutes, calves, and quads for increased vertical power that is need to for a jump shot or to catch a pass and horizontal power for evading defenders. This is a move essential for athletes on the field and court in order to maintain control and have an explosive vertical and horizontal movement. Another key piece of this powerful squat workout is that it is utilizing sport specific movements. This type of training will have athletes in the best performance shape for whatever the game throws their way.

Power Squat Jumps: Sport Performance

These resisted and dynamic power squats utilize the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands. By using the Kbands the athlete is forced to activate the glutes in order to stabilize the knees. Using the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands guarantees an intense workout that will build both strength and power for unbeatable athletic skill and performance. This gives a Kbands athlete an advantage in that muscles are being activated to their fullest capacity. The upper body KB Powerbands take these already powerful squats to another level, with the ability to adjust resistance and increase the intensity for great muscle activation thus increased skill and performance.

The athlete must push himself or herself to fullest capacity and to muscle failure. Working through the burn of these power squats will result in increased sport performance in the form of increased vertical, unparalleled power, control from the hips and more explosive take off. These powerful squats and jumps will help improve reaction time on the field and enhance performance. The KB Powerbands are also an essential tool for all throwing athletes. They are designed to activate muscles of the shoulder, back, and chest in a way that will build muscle for increased reaction time and power.

Power Squat Jumps: Performance

The ability to squat a significant amount of weight means powerful and explosive movements must be used. These training drills involve three different power squat moves utilizing the KB Powerbands as well as the Kbands leg Resistance Bands. Challenging the muscles to failure during these moves is vital. Keeping the muscle under tension and pushing through the burn is the key to building the kind of muscle that will move quickly as well as forcefully. First strap on the Kbands leg Resistance Bands just above the knee and attach the appropriate resistance.

The first move is a power squat side pull. Mount the KB Powerbands at a high point; high enough that the athlete can step back and hold the straps at eye level, this will be the neutral position. Begin by activating the lats and shoulder muscles to pull both straps to one side while simultaneously squatting to activate the muscles of the hips. Bring the body and arms up to the neutral position with control, do not just fling the arms back up to the neutral position, maintain the tension of the KB Powerbands and repeat this movement on the opposite side.

The second power squat move is a double arm squat. Start with the arms in the same neutral position as the side pulls and then squat down, bringing the arms down simultaneously; one band on each side of the body. Every muscle in the body is being activated against the resistance of both the upper body and lower body bands. Then shoot back up to a standing position for a powerful squat movement. Maintain activation in the glutes to support the knees and create explosive power for jumping and take off. Use the entire body to pull the resistance bands down. Keep the muscles under tension to get the most out of this powerful squat workout.

The third and final move of this power squat workout is the resisted jump squat. The athlete will now mount the anchor strap of the KB Powerbands at ground level to work away from the fence or door. Start in a squat position for this move with the arms back and by the glutes, palms facing the legs. Use the glutes and hip muscles to explode straight off the ground for a jump squat. Bring the arms up to head level in unison. This is a powerful squat move that will be essential for athletes looking for explosive speed and power for jumps. Coming down from the jump, bend the knees back into a squatting position, this should be a fluid movement and will help with athletic control as well as strength.

Power Squat Jumps: Squat Form, Reps ad Sets

Good squat form is essential for these powerful squat drills. Maintain proper form to ensure that control and maximum muscle activation. Do not allow the knees to pass the toes during the squat, keep the knees in line with the ankles. When lowering into the squat the knees should jut forward, not in our out. The athlete will be working against the resistance of the Kbands to keep the legs in proper form. Maintain a 90 degree with the knees. And the chest and head should be up in order to achieve the highest intensity power squat workout and not strain any other muscles.

Each of the three power squat exercises should be performed for 30 seconds. To ensure an intense workout that will result in muscle failure and growth will be to have the proper resistance. Don’t go too light, challenging the body and maintaining muscle tension are what will cause muscles to be built and enhance power for sport performance that is unmatched.

Take a 20-30 second break between each of the powerful squat exercises and repeat the set of drills 3 times. Take a 30 second break between sets as well.

Power Squat Jumps: Recovery and Additional Power Moves

Always recover with at least 10 minutes of stretching after an intense workout like this power squat drill. Another essential tool for recovery is the Recovery Foam Roller. It is designed to increase blood and oxygen flow to the muscles for fast and easy recovery so that athletes can get back on the court ready to perform. Be sure to hydrate and refuel.

The KB Powerbands Shoulder Progression and Torque workouts are great additions for throwing athletes as well as those looking to build upper body power and endurance to complement the lower body power moves.

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