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KB PowerBands | Upper Body Resistance Bands

KB PowerBands offers different levels of resistance to fit the needs of any user. Choose your level of resistance and begin strengthening and toning your abs, arms, legs, chest, shoulders, and back. KB PowerBands can be taken with you to the gym or used at home. With the clips you will find KB PowerBands can be attached to any object giving you results wherever you decide to train. Each resistance band clip allows you the ability to add as much resistance or as little resistance to every exercise making KB PowerBands the choice resistance bands for women and men working to achieve their goals fast. KB PowerBands can be added to our innovative exercise leg bands, Kbands. Look to save money and purchase our Full Body Toner Package for a set of Kbands and KB PowerBands with a 30 minute training DVD. Tone your body from head to toe all while burning fat.


KB PowerBands Training Benefits

  • Build Explosive Rotational Power
  • Tone or Build Strength From Head To Toe
  • Multiple Levels of Resistance For Maximal Training Zones

KB PowerBands Kit Includes

  • 4 Levels of Resistance Bands
  • Door Mounting Attachment
  • 2 Ankle Training Straps
  • Wrist Straps and Handles


KB PowerBands Getting Started Kit

KB PowerBands Getting Started Kit

In addition to your order of KB PowerBands you will receive  the KB PowerBands Getting Started Kit. This package includes not only athlete performance based workouts, but toning and body transformation focused workouts as well. Get started with KB PowerBands today.

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