Extra Upper Body Resistance Bands (KB PowerBands)

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Choose your level of Resistance

Select which resistance band you would like. If you would like multiple colors you must add a specific color to your cart and then repeat the process selecting a different color.  

Light Resistance (Yellow Bands 4ft - 5 lbs): For young athletes and adults weighing less than 110 lbs who are just starting out.

Beginner Resistance (Green Bands 4ft - 7 lbs): For youth and adult beginners.

Strong Resistance (Red Bands 4ft - 10 lbs): Recommended for adults who are currently exercising regularly.

Power Resistance (Blue Bands 4ft -15 lbs): For advanced individuals training for strength.

Advanced Strength Resistance (Black Bands 4ft - 25 lbs): For experienced individuals needing as much resistance as possible to maximize gains. 


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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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