Increase Your Physical Fitness

Increase Your Physical Fitness

Published by Trevor Theismann on 24th Nov 2021

Increase Your Physical Fitness

Some people feel that after a certain point in their regular workout routine, not only monotony seeps in but they also hit a plateau as far as their fitness is concerned. This can happen due to various reasons. By making some variation in the regular workout routine this problem can be solved and the output of the workout can be exponentially increased. 

To increase the output of the workout, Victor Rope and Kbands leg resistance bands are required. Two people are required to perform this workout. This workout routine helps in burning more calories by increasing different movements. It also helps in increasing the heart rate and the explosiveness and the strength in the legs.

How to perform the workout using Victor Rope and Kbands leg resistance bands

Before beginning with the workout, one partner will be down in the sprinting position with the Victor Rope around his waist, while the other partner will stand behind holding the loose ends of the Victor Rope. Just as the other partner is about to sprint, the person standing behind will slide the Rope up a little bit so that it is not pulled down while the person stands up to sprint. The Rope should be held tightly in place so that when the runner begins to stand up and sprint the Victor Rope does not slide down the hips. Once the runners sprints and accelerates for about ten yards, the partner at the rear leaves the Victor Rope and sprints back to the finish line. This should be repeated for about eight to ten times, each time switching back and forth. Adding resistance to the regular workout will maximize the output of the workout by increasing the cardio burn and building strength throughout the set.

Working out with a partner is not only fun but helps in improving coordination capabilities of both the people involved. Both the partners are at the gaining end of the workout and the benefits can wholly be enjoyed by both, by switching the positions after performing each set of repetitions. After performing each set, rest should be taken to increase the oxygen intake and to prepare for the next set.

How Does Resistance Training Help In Increasing The Physical Fitness?

The inclusion of resistance like Victor Rope and Kbands leg resistance bands help in increasing the amount of calories that are burned as compared to a workout without any resistance. Running with resistance increases the heart rate along with substantially increasing the explosiveness in the legs. As the runner moves in a good form, solid movements of the arms and the knees are achieved which help in burning additional calories. It a very good cardio workout and in addition to increasing the physical fitness levels it also helps in achieving strength. Working with resistance has several other advantages as well. Kbands leg resistance bands on the legs exert more pressure on the legs and workout each of the muscle fibers. The resulting explosiveness is indicated by the strain and the burning that is experienced in the legs by the person who wears the Kbands leg resistance bands. The Kbands leg resistance bands are available in different resistance levels. The muscles in the human body have a tendency to memorize the patterns of exercises that they undergo which means that after a while they get used to one level of resistance and you may not feel any pull on the legs anymore. In this case, you can switch on to the next level of resistance and keep it increasing slowly and gradually. Also, once you take off the resistance band from your legs, you will experience agility combined with unique lightness in your legs.

In this workout along with the Kbands leg resistance bands, Victor Rope is also being used. The Victor Rope helps both the runner as well as the person who is holding them. While the runner has to pull through the resistance offered by the Victor Rope, the other person has to utilize the strength in his arms to try and keep pulling back the Victor Rope. Both the partners burn many more calories in the process. Apart from burning comparatively more calories, it also helps in increasing the sprinting speed and improving the form of the runner. Resistance training helps in increasing the strength and shape of the muscles.

Precautions While Working Out With Victor Ropes and Kbands

It is well known that results are achieved much more quickly when any form of resistance is used while working out. But all fitness enthusiasts need to know that slow and steady wins the race. It is very important to bear in mind that the fitness goals need to be achieved slowly and gradually. Therefore, the level of resistance should only be increased as you get perfectly comfortable with the current level of resistance.

For using the Victor Rope also, the same rules apply. Getting used to work with Victor Rope may require some time and you may feel your arm muscles burning intensely in the beginning. This is generally an indication of the muscle being worked out, however if it becomes unbearable it is better to take rest and get back to working out after sometime.

Why It Is Important To Maintain A Good Sprint Form While Working Out

While working out regularly is crucial to physical fitness levels it is also important to understand that a balance needs to be maintained between under training and overtraining. While using Kbands leg resistance bands the focus should not only be on the strength of the legs but also on the upper body form. Achieving physical fitness is a combination of various different factors which include strength training as well form training. Mental strength and a good nutrition plan form an indispensable part of the physical fitness routine.

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