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Strength Training At Home | Kbands Live 115

The strength training at home workout mentioned here is an easy way to achieve your goal of increased muscle strength, power and endurance. It also allows for increased flexibility in the body which reduces the risk of muscle pulls and back pain, thus reducing your susceptibility to injuries. And the best thing about our strength training at home workout is that you don’t need to have expensive gym memberships to start training. This strength training at home workout designed by us can be performed in the confines of your home. So, let’s get on with your very own strength training at home workout and work your way to building those powerful and strong muscles.




Strength Training At Home #1: Ballistic Curls

To begin this drill, tie the band around a mount and lie down on your back. Remember that the spine alignment is the key here, so tuck in your hips, keeping your shoulders rolled back; and elbows rolled up and squeezed deep into our armpits. Work all the way to failure and shoot for 12-15 reps. Remember that if you do not reach failure by the time you have completed 15 reps, you will need to increase your resistance until you hit that failure range around 15 reps. As soon as you reach failure, move to a very quick pace position with your elbows out in front together. You can a use little bit more strength with your hands together and elbows forward. Pick up the pace and max out the muscle activation. The combination of these two movements is going to cause massive burn in your bicep. So, take a short beak of 45 seconds because you need to perform 4 sets back to back to maximize your burn through the entire workout.

Strength Training At Home #2: Ballistic Upright Row

This drill workouts your shoulders. Stand on your band with your feet shoulder width apart and grab the right level of resistance for you. Usually, while doing the upright row, we chose a lighter weight so that we can keep our shoulders rolled back. It reduces the chances of getting muscle impingement. Now, slide those hands out, pulling your elbows up, towards your shoulder length. You are going to maintain a great pace and perform 15 reps before moving on to quick rep speed. You can either drop the weigh of the Ballistic Band or just focus on getting 10 extra quick reps. Remember that the first half will be full of slow, controlled, eccentric and concentric movements and then we are going to pick up the pace and overload the muscle with the burned out set. A total of 4 sets with a 45-second rest periods will complete the upright row.

Strength Training At Home #3: Ballistic Row

This workout is great for overloading your back muscles and challenging your strength. You need to begin this exercise by tying a heavy Ballistic Band around a squat rack or a wall mount. Keep shoulders and hips square and shoot for a total of 12-15 failure rep points. Use the right amount of resistance and try to hit the failure rep point. Whether using red, black, purple or any other stronger band, you need to remember to keep your shoulders and hips square. In this position, it is easier to flare the shoulder back and utilize the trunk to pull the arm back. Don’t pull yourself back. We have to keep a great posture; let your bicep and back do all the work. Don’t use that rotation to cheat the rep. When you reach the failure, switch to the other hand, we need to do it back to back, without taking any more rest. Just grab a couple of breaths in between each hand and then keep moving through 4 sets back and forth. You can make this drill easier by standing closer to the band’s anchor point or harder by stepping farther away.

One of the biggest advantages of performing this exercise is that the retraction of the shoulder blades during this exercise helps develop the upper back strength needed for supporting good posture.

Strength Training At Home #4: Ballistic Squats

It consists of squats which are known to strengthen the quad muscles. To begin this workout, pick up a thick Ballistic Band and put it around your shoulder, just a bit down from the top. We are not going to put the band around our neck as it will create a lot of strain. Step on the band and then drop down into a squat. Drop your hips back, knees stay behind the toes and then accelerate up. To build power, we need to get it from the hips. Make sure your upper leg is parallel to the ground, like you are sitting on an invisible chair, and then stand back up. Perform about 15-20 reps of Ballistic Band squats and then take a small break of about 30 seconds, and finally, finish with a total of 6 sets.

Strength Training At Home #5: Ballistic Good Mornings

This is a modified version of a normal weighted good morning exercise. Begin by grabbing a heavier resistance band, maybe blue or orange and wrap it around your shoulders. Avoid putting it around your neck as it will cause strain on your neck. Bend at the hips and lower yourself until your torso is nearly parallel to the floor. While bending for good morning, it s important to keep your legs semi-straight to avoid any extra pressure on the joint. Stand up and get in a squeezed tailed position. You will need to roll your hips in and squeeze your butt. This being a hamstring, glute and lower back exercise, a straight leg is going to give more activation in those areas. The good mornings can cause a lot of burning in your lower back. So you can take you take your band off in between and get some rest. Finish this exercise with 5-6 sets, depending on your capacity, maybe stretch it by 20 reps but try to stay within your range to maximize the output and not injure yourself.

Strength Training At Home #6: Ballistic Tricep Extension

As the name suggest, this exercise works out the triceps. This one has two variations: overhead or the pushdown – you can modify them with the right level of Ballistic Band.

  • Pushdown Extension: Tie a few bands around your squat rack or on a high mount and then get your hands around your chest, flex your triceps down, squeezing and slowly resisting back up and then accelerating back down.
  • Overhead Extension: Turn away from the mount and spread your feet in a balanced position with your hips tucked in. Bring your elbows up near your eye level and remember to keep your arms straighter for great activation in your triceps. Throughout the rep, maintain a full range of motion and extend your hands to get full contraction.

You can choose to do either of these variations on any given day. Just ensure that you do 6 sets of this exercise with a 30 second rest period, keeping your pace high and working all the way to failure.
This wraps up your strength training at home workout. You can check out our store section and find all the sports and fitness accessories to match your training needs.


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