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How Long Do You Have To Workout To Lose Weight and Have a Low Body Fat

You have to workout forever if your diet isn’t also a focus in your fitness journey. Lifting weights and workouts using resistance bands will certainly develop and build your muscles. Workouts alone will not make the muscles visible and develop the vascularity that you are working hard to develop. Your eating must also change. You have to reduce your calories, improve the quality of your food intake, reduce or eliminate diet and sugary drinks and make sure you are getting enough protein. The video is a great 35 minute at home workout that will build your muscles, build your endurance, and help you burn calories long after your workout is completed.




How Does Weight Lifting Build Muscle and Burn Calories After the Workout?

Weight lifting alone will not cause you to lose large amounts of weight or reduce your body fat. Weight lifting will help develop your muscles but you have to push yourself in your workouts. Your workouts must be intense and each exercise should be completed to failure. After you have completed your home workout, your body will continue to burn calories hours after your workout is over as it works to recover. First, you burn calories during the actual workout. Second, you also receive a residual burn while the body is restoring the muscle hours after the workout is over. Third, it takes more calories to support muscles than fat so the new muscle helps to speed your metabolism. This is why weight training, at any age, should be performed. While the muscle is recovering you also must give it the proper nutrition it needs in the recovery process, or eat clean. It needs protein and other vital nutrients that come from fruits and vegetables.

What Does Eating Clean Mean-Quality and Quantity?

So we know weight lifting alone will not cause huge weight loss and without this you will not have the low body fat that will showcase your new muscles. In addition to weight training you also have to work on improving your diet, or eating clean. Eating clean is a term used in the fitness world that basically means the quality of the food you consume throughout the day. It also relates to the quantity of food you are consuming. Lets start with quantity. There are several apps available that will help you determine how much food you should be consuming to support your weight loss goals. The app will have you answer some questions about your age, health, and your lifestyle. The data will be analyzed and the app will tell you how many calories should be consumed during the day to achieve your weight loss goals in a healthy time frame. Some of the apps will also tell you the composition of your food intake: protein, carbs, and fat, and the ratios of each that should be maintained. If you eat within these limits then your should achieve your weight loss and body fat goals. To lose one pound of body fat you must consume or burn 3500 fewer calories than what are needed to maintain your body processes. That’s a lot of calories.

So how do you do this? It is important to read food packages when you go shopping. This will be challenging at first but after a short period you will know the nutritional content of the food you are buying and ultimately the food you are consuming. One trick that you can use to help with the quantity of food you consume is use a smaller plate. It will take less food to fill the smaller plate so visually your mind thinks you are still eating a full plate of food. You are eating a smaller quantity and in turn fewer calories.

Now Lets Talk About Quality of the Food

Kbands Live Fitness has several articles that talk about nutrition, portion control, tips for eating out, what to eat and what to avoid. Basically do not consume empty calories or “No Junk”. You know what junk is. It’s cookies, cake, sugary drinks, loaded baked potatoes, and even some salads are 800-1000 calories because of the croutons, cheese, bacon bits, eggs, and salad dressing. And salads are supposed to be a good choice! It doesn’t take many poor choices before you have gone way over your daily calorie goals and stopped your weight loss efforts. Do this multiple times in one week and all of your gains from weight training and exercise are killed by your diet.

When choosing your food, work to have a meat and vegetable at every meal and be careful how it is cooked. You must have adequate amounts of protein to build muscle. The experts all have different opinions about what is adequate but a good rule is one gram per pound of ideal body weight. If your ideal weight is 175 then you should consume 175 grams of protein every day. This can be difficult and you may not be able to do this without supplements but try. A can of tuna fish has 39 grams, about 25% of your daily needs. It’s not impossible but you have to be aware and focused.

Diet Is Critical, But You Know That

Make no mistake as you push yourself in your workouts to lose weight you have to be just as dedicated to your eating. The workouts in the video will increase your metabolism and help you burn fat and lower your body fat. Without the right food choices, all of your weight training benefits will be lost. Really look at what you are eating, when you eat, your food choices and see what needs to change. Then make adjustments to your food quality and quantity so you can achieve a lower body fat and show off your new muscles. Small changes make a huge difference. Just like building muscle, losing weight doesn’t happen quickly and low body fat takes a lot of dedication. KBT Nutrition has the tips, tools, and plans to help you achieve your weight loss and body fat goals.


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