Don’t Waste Your Time on the Treadmill – Resistance Training Will Get you Better Results


Don’t Waste Your Time on the Treadmill – Resistance Bands Will Get You Better Results

They are there many days every week doing their steady state cardio, but their body NEVER changes! Why is that? Research has proven that steady state cardio is an old myth that doesn’t burn enough calories to warrant the time invested. Resistance band workouts will get you better results! Why is that? Steady state cardio does not target the adipose (internal fat) stores. Steady state cardio does not consume blood glucose, stored glycogen, or intra-muscular fat. While you will burn some calories, just not enough to realize the changes you work so hard to achieve. Training in this manner to zero in on the external fat is not efficient. Couple this approach with a poor diet and the results are even more dismal. These people need resistance band workouts. High intensity resistance training will get better results for the same amount of time invested. Watch the video for a great high intensity resistance band home workout routine that will jump your heart rate, build your muscle pump, burn calories during and post-workout, and let you know you really did just complete a workout!




Research has proven to burn external fat two things need to occur. First, your workouts must be intense to help quickly deplete your internal fat stores. Once these internal stores are depleted during the workout then your body MUST go to the external fat, what’s visible on the outside, to get the energy required to complete the workout or to rebuild muscle during the post-workout recovery. Second, you must be eating in a calorie deficit mode consistently. Eating fewer calories requires the body to again go the external fat stores to maintain basic functions and to again restore and build muscle after a high intensity cardio workout.

What are the Kinds of Fat in My Body?

There are 2 kinds of fat in your body. They are visceral, surrounding the internal organs, and subcutaneous, beneath the skin – about 80% of all body fat. You should know that there is no way to spot reduce fat. There are lots of programs and devices that say you can spot reduce. Remember they are trying to sell you a product or service. Fat loss occurs globally, throughout the entire body, when working out and not locally, from a specific area or organ. For this reason fat loss can be a long slow process that takes consistency, dedication, and commitment.

While we all want to lose the subcutaneous fat that everyone sees, you should know that the more dangerous is the visceral fat surrounding your internal organs. The good news is when performing high intensity resistance training using the Fusion Cables or other workouts provided through the Kbands Live Fitness feed you will target and lose both kinds of fat. These home workouts will help you build muscle, burn fat, and improve the quality of your life.

Another point you should know is that people tend to lose fat in the order in which it appeared. So if you started gaining fat in your stomach years ago then this tends to be the last place to lose the fat. Think of it as “First Fat On - Last Fat Off”. Studies have shown that overweight men tend to lose more visceral fat with exercise while women lose more subcutaneous fat. Exercise seems to result in more subcutaneous fat loss while diet results in more visceral fat loss. That’s why you must combine diet AND exercise to get maximum results from your new fitness lifestyle.


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Benefits of High Intensity Resistance Training

There are lots of studies that will show various results, but the studies consistently show reduced caloric intake in addition to high intensity workouts will transform your body the best with the fastest results. Performing a high intensity resistance band workout will cause the body to go the internal fat stores, visceral fat, for energy during the workout. Why is this? During the workout the body needs energy to complete the workout and it goes to the easiest energy source, internal fat. Later during the recovery phase, post-workout, the body must obtain its energy from other sources, the external fat. This is why performing a superset of a Fusion Cable Incline Fly with a push up/mountain climber combination is a great combo move. Of course the higher the intensity of the workout the more calories you will burn during and post-workout. Remember to always push yourself during the workout and minimize your rest breaks. You want to elevate your heart rate during the cardio portion so when you are building muscle using the resistance bands your heart is still slightly elevated. This continues the energy depletion, calorie burn and muscle destruction.

Calories are burned during resistance training band post-workout recovery but where do they come from. You don’t want the body to get its post-workout energy from muscle tissue. Resistance training using the Fusion Cables Home Training System preserves or builds muscle mass during the high intensity workout. Because you have stimulated the muscle during the resistance band training you are now forcing the body to get its energy from its fat stores to rebuild the muscle and reenergize itself. The body works to repair the muscle destroyed in your high intensity workout and this also triggers the body to leave the muscle tissue alone as an energy source and to use your stored fat. This may seem counterintuitive but the body will not go to the muscle for energy after a resistance band workout as it works to repair the muscle. This is why high intensity resistance band training must be included in every weight loss/muscle development program.

Final Thoughts

Why do we workout and diet? These might include greater muscle development. We want to feel better. We want our clothes to fit better. Or we are getting ready for that class reunion or wedding. Know that with dedication and commitment to an eating program AND a home fitness resistance band routine you will achieve your results. Home workouts must include high intensity resistance band cardio to torch and dispose of your fat. This style of workout will build muscle and continue to burn calories during the post-workout recovery period. These workouts are not easy and must be a lifestyle. This way of eating and working out is what you do for your interim goal, whatever that is, but it is also what you plan to do for the rest of your life! If you don’t make it a lifestyle then after your special event you will back where you started.

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