HIIT Exercises With Resistance Bands | Kbands Live 110

HIIT Exercises With Resistance Bands | Kbands Live 110

Published by Trevor Theismann on 24th Nov 2021

What Makes HIIT Exercise Such A Powerful Workout

The various benefits of HIIT exercises are being lauded by the scientific community and each day brings up a new study supporting the claims of HIIT training. So, let’s understand what makes HIIT workouts so popular.

HIIT workouts involve doing short intervals of intense exercise interspersed with short intervals of rest or light exercise. The fast and explosive movements of HIIT exercise force the body to recruit both the muscle fiber types: slow twitch and fast twitch. As one might infer, the different types of fibers are used for different types of activities. While other exercises only employ one type of muscle fiber, HIIT’s popularity lies in the fact that it stimulates both – fast and slow twitch muscles. Slow twitch muscles are responsible for endurance while the fast-twitch muscle activation leads to an increase in the strength and power levels in the body. Below, we have compiled a series of HIIT style training exercises; we have also added resistance to the traditional forms of exercises to give you maximum muscle activation and the best bang for your buck.

HIIT Exercise With Kbands Speed Skaters

This exercise stimulates the muscles in your hips and helps to enhance your balance and coordination, which reduces the risk of lower-body injuries. It is a great workout routine for improving cardiovascular endurance and power from side to side. During every movement that we make during this exercise, we have to ensure to be explosive yet under control. After one jump through the resistance, stabilize for a moment and accelerate again with your arms. After completing an entire 30-second set, take a short break of about 30 seconds and jump back in for 5 more sets. This drill spikes your heart rate and builds power in your legs when you move explosively from side to side.

Work through full range of motion through every single rep. The purpose of the Kbands resistance bands is to challenge your muscles when you spread your legs. The resistance causes the muscles to work harder, giving you the full muscle activation when you perform HIIT style body weight routine training.

HIIT Exercise With Kbands Power Skips

It is a powerful movement that employs hip flexors, glutes, quads, and calves, ensuring that you get full muscle activation in your lower body. Strap on your resistance bands above the knees and jump with your left foot, driving your right knee up. Ensure that when you pull your knee up, the opposite hand goes up, that is, while driving the right leg up, the left arm swings forward and vice versa. Now perform the same action with the opposite leg, continuing to keep your movements explosive. Aim for 6 power-skips on both the right and the left leg for 4 total sets. As a precautionary measure, try to land on the ball of your foot and aim for soft landings. It takes away any risk of injury associated with high intensity jumps. Doing power skips on a regular basis will help you in improving your strength and speed.

HIIT Exercise With Kbands Jumping Jacks

A twist to the traditional jumping jack is the resistance band, which makes this mostly warm-up workout an ideal HIIT exercise. To get started, first you need to slightly bend your knees and push them to jump up by spreading your legs and hip wide apart. Get a great range of motion with the arms will give greater mobility to your shoulders. Simultaneously, raise your hands up and out smoothly until your hands meet above your head. Remember to keep your arms straight and take them as high as they can go above your head. Complete 4 full minute sets to get your body warmed up and get the body ready for other workouts.

HIIT Exercise With Victory Ropes: Lateral And Vertical Whip

Using Victory Ropes to perform HIIT exercises is good for conditioning as well as increasing muscle endurance in the upper and lower body. The workout is divided in two short segments:

Vertical Whips: It is a great exercise to challenge your shoulders. To get in position, walk back from the Fusion Wall Mount and fasten the Victory Ropes around your wrist. This will give you a stationary hold as well as a good athletic stance. Flare your elbow high for leverage. Whipping the rope up and down as fast as you can in an explosive way is a great way to build shoulder strength. This whipping action will get your lats and triceps working, especially during the downward movement. Complete 15 seconds up and down and then move on to the lateral whips. Throughout the workout, focus on maintaining great form.

Lateral Whips: Keep your core tight and steady by placing the free hand on your hips. Make sure that your hips don’t push to the side, in either direction. Do this workout for a total of 5 minutes with 15 on the left and 15 on the right, breaking only for 30 seconds during the entire movement.

HIIT Exercise With Victory Rope Angled Cross Pulls

Get down in a plank position and pull the Victory Ropes from the Fusion Wall Mount at an angle of 45 degree, lying square to the mount. Drag the rope in, across your midriff so that it meets the opposite knee during the cross knee up. 45-degree angle works best since it leaves us with an open hand, across from the knee, giving resistance through the movement. Try to maintain a wide position for balance while you pull the rope in and squeeze yourself into a small ball. Fastening the Victory Rope anchor strap tight around your wrist will help you stay balanced and allow you to slide back easily towards the wall. Aim for 10 reps on each side and complete 4 sets back and forth; focus on form and keep your hips rolled under throughout the workout to get increased muscle activation.

Remember to keep your pace high through this entire HIIT exercise session. A high intensity workout with very little rest periods is what makes this workout truly efficient, and hugely popular among the athletes. Incorporate HIIT exercises in your training regimen and see the results for yourself.>

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