Easy Exercises To Do At Home


Easy Exercises To Do At Home

If you don’t have time for the gym then these easy exercises to do at home are great for you. They are perfect when you want to maximize your time and your workout results.  They are great for any fitness level and are easy to perform. Using the Fusion Cables Home Training System you will have a versatile system that is adaptable to any fitness or skill level. You can easily move between exercises so your workout is fast, efficient, and effective.

You can also increase or decrease the resistance and keep your workouts moving with maximum benefit. In very little time you will have completed a workout that targeted your legs, abs, back and core all with only three easy exercises. Combine these easy exercises with the Best Lat Home Workout and the Best Back Workout on alternating days and you'll have an amazing home workout routine. Start this easy exercises routine with the Fusion Cables Power Lunges.




Fusion Cables Power Lunges

The Fusion Cables Power Lunges will work your core, back, and legs. Attach the appropriate level of Fusion Cables on the top and bottom mounts. Grab the cables in your hands and position yourself 4-5 feet off the wall. Split your legs and drop down into a spread lunge position. Keep the front knee behind the front toe. Work to stabilize your core. Open your chest and put your hands and arms in a fly position. Don't let them sink back beyond your chest. This could cause injuries to your shoulder. Make sure your elbows are slightly in front of the body and make sure your hands stay in front of the chest.

This position ensures that you get maximum activation during this easy exercise. Once you are in the proper position drop side to side, maintaining the proper angle. Do not shift in your knees. Stay strong in the lower half of your body at all times. Your legs will be burning but fight through this. Perform 20 side by sides before switching to the other leg in this easy exercise routine. Complete each leg before taking a 60 second break. Perform 3 sets with an additional 60 second break at the end of the third set before moving into the Fusion Cables Reverse Power Lunge.

Fusion Cables Reverse Power Lunge

As the Fusion Cables Reverse Power Lunge name implies you will be in a reverse lunge position. These lunges are great exercises because they work the large muscles in the legs as well as your core and back. Sink down into your legs and again you will be tipping from side to side. With your arms in a 90 you should squeeze down and back.  This way you are working your lats. If your arms are too high you will be working your traps. We will work those on another easy exercise to do at home.  Keep your hips back and your legs at a 90° angle. Keep the knee behind the toes. Perform 20 tips on each leg before taking a 60 second break. Perform 3 sets of these easy exercises. During your final break easily convert the Fusion Cables to the configuration needed to perform the Fusion Cable Cross Punch.




Fusion Cables Cross Punch

The next exercise to do in these easy exercises to do at home routine is the Fusion Cables Cross Punch. This easy exercise will work your abs and obliques. Place 2 sets of Fusion Cables on the lower mount. Grab the handles in each hand and reach up and extend your hands across your body while squeezing your obliques. You will be working the sides of your abs during this easy exercise. The key to this exercise is getting maximum range of motion. So adjust the Fusion Cables resistance so you can get complete extension during the top of the movement. You can quickly increase or decrease the resistance of the Fusion Cables so you get maximum benefit from this easy exercise. Do 3 sets of 20 reps with a 30 second break between each set. Then move into the Fusion Cables Isolation Hamstring Curls.




Fusion Cables Isolation Hamstring Curls

The Fusion Cables Isolation Hamstring Curls will work the large muscles in your legs. When you are working larger muscles there is greater calorie burn during the exercise and residually. Increased calorie burn means more fat loss. Place 1-2 Fusion Cables on the low mount and walk out from the wall. Place the straps around one ankle and lay flat on the floor with your head neutral to the ground. Do not arch your back while performing this exercise. This could injure your back and minimizes the affect of the exercise. You want to make sure all of the effort is concentrated in your hamstring.

Quickly accelerate forward with the resistance bands and decelerate back. Do not let your leg sling back to the starting position. Control the leg during the eccentric movement while returning to the starting position. This way you have continual tension on the muscle during the entire movement so you receive maximum benefit from the exercise. The longer a muscle is under tension the greater activation and development that will occur from the exercise.

Benefits of the Easy Exercises To Do At Home

This series of easy exercises to do at home are adjustable to any fitness level using the Fusion Cables Home Training System. Not everyone has time for the gym but we know the benefits of exercise. The Fusion Cables System adjusts to any fitness level allowing you to complete all of the exercises you used to go to the gym for but now you can do at home. Also you don’t need lots of different equipment. You have all of the benefits of the large gym machines with the versatile cross cable system in the Fusion Cables System.

Completing these easy exercises at home will ensure you are working your core, legs, and back. Combine these easy exercises with others at home that target your biceps and triceps and you can easily get a complete body workout. The time you used to spend driving to the gym is now spent working out at home. Saving you even more time in your busy schedule.

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