Best Lat Home Workout Routine


Best Lat Home Workout Routine Benefits

The Best Lat Home Workout Routine is a great home lat superset. Using the Fusion Cables this home workout routine will target your lat muscles. The lats are the large flat muscles in your back starting at your scapula and extending to your lower spine. They are used for arm movement and supporting your core. They also develop and give great shape to your torso. This home workout routine will work and develop the same muscles that are used to perform a pullup. If you can’t do a pullup use this lat workout to help develop your lats at home so one day you can do a pull up.




Seated Lat Pulldown Set Up

To set up for Seated Lat Pulldown in this home workout routine place the small end of one Fusion Anchor Strap through the top mount.  Thread the larger loop through the small loop and pull it tight.  Next, place between 1 and 3 resistance bands through the Fusion Anchor Strap so you have heavy resistance. Grasp the loops and sit down so you are facing out and your back is to the wall. You should not be touching the wall. Keep your shoulders back and your torso straight as you pull down. This form will ensure you are working the lat muscles and getting maximum benefit.

The Seated Lat Pulldown should be performed quickly. Make sure you are pulling your lats and shoulder blades down and together with each rep. Drive your elbows back and down your side to maximize the benefits of this home workout routine. Perform 3 sets of 12 reps of this exercise. Take a 60 second break between sets. These should be high pace sets as you quickly move through each rep and set. Make sure you are working to failure with each rep. Muscle growth occurs during failure. This is when tiny tears occur in the muscle that will need to heal. During healing the muscle gets stronger and larger. 




Straight Arm Lat Pulldown Set Up

After completing the Seated Lat Pulldown quickly transition to the Straight Arm Lat Pulldown.  Attach a Fusion Handle to each end of the Fusion Cables that are still on the high mount.  Start with 2 Fusion Cables in the Straight Arm Lat Pulldown of this best lat workout. Stand off of the wall with a slight bend at the waist. Check the resistance. Make sure you can again maintain a high pace and target the lat muscles.

Straight Arm Lat Pulldown Form

Form is important to ensure you are getting maximum benefit during your home workout. None of us has time to waste so make every rep count. While performing this home workout routine make sure your abs are tight. Squeeze your hips together. Roll your butt under so the muscle emphasis is on your lats. Keep your back straight while you are bent over doing this exercise. Pull your straight arms down to your hips. Position and muscle isolation are important in this Best Lat Home Workout Routine. Flex your lats and accelerate on the way down. Then slowly decelerate back to the top. Never let there be slack in the Fusion Cables. In this exercise you are working to failure and trying to maintain constant tension on the muscle. This is called time under tension. The more tension maintained on the muscle, the more growth you will experience.

Straight Arm Lat Pulldown Sets and Reps

Like in the Seated Lat Pulldown you are working to failure. You will perform 3 sets of 12 reps of this exercise. Take a 60 second break between sets to catch your breath and to allow the muscle to temporarily rest before hitting it again. Your muscles should be on fire at the end of this Best Lat Home Workout Routine. Make sure you are fatigued and failing at the end of each set. Again think about your form and keep a straight, flat back.

Remember you can easily adjust the tension and resistance by adding or subtracting Fusion Cables Resistance Bands to your set up or by adjusting your distance you stand from the anchor mounts. Make sure your muscles are burning at the end of this home workout. Then you will know you had the Best Lat Home Workout.

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