Cone Drills To Increase Speed

Basics Of Cone Drill Workout Routine

Cone drill workout routine can be performed using various aids and such drills can help in increasing speed and strength of an athlete. While working on a cone drill it is very important to use the right tools such as the Kbands leg resistance bands and the Kbands Reactive Stretch Cord. Working out with the Kbands products and the speed and the agility cones not helps in increasing the acceleration but also the hip flexor strength and muscle explosiveness. Cone drill workout routine involves accelerating and sprinting straight ahead and then turning out around the designated cones. The rapid turn around and further sprinting help in improving the speed and direction changes. In addition to the upper core and the leg workout, the cone drill also helps in making the ankles more mobile and also helps in the movement of arms.  With cone drill, an athlete can also improve upon the footwork and coordination with other partner as well.



Performing The Cone Drill With Reactive Stretch Cord and the Kbands leg resistance bands

The cone drills is started by utilizing four speed and agility cones. The distance between the first and the fourth cone should be ten yards and the distance between two cones in the middle should be three yards. The drill is performed by two partners. The athlete begins with strapping the Kbands leg resistance bands just above the knees and the Reactive Stretch Cord on the front side of the waist. The other end of the Stretch Cord is held by the other partner who will help the athlete in accelerating and turning out around the cones. The athletes sprints directly to the third cone and then transitions back through to the second cone and then accelerates ahead for another ten yards to the last cone which is the cone number 4. The partner who is holding the loose end of the Reactive Stretch Cord, has to bear in mind to provide the requisite acceleration to the athlete towards the cone number 3 and give him the slack to get back to the second cone.

While wearing the Kbands leg resistance bands and running with resistance, an athlete not only develops the acceleration but also hip flexor strength. The Kbands Reactive Stretch Cord has been designed to be about 20 feet long which is ideal for acceleration training. With this length the Cord does not get entangled around the athlete’s legs and also the other partner can have the Reactive Stretch Cord in control all the time. Then the partner will take him to the second cone and the athlete should really accelerate and again spurn out. With Kbands leg resistance bands, you should be getting muscle activation as you spurn out against the resistance. The athlete has to be mindful about working on the knee drive while transitioning out on the turn.

Advantages Of Workout Routines With Resistance Bands And The Reactive Stretch Cord

Combining cone drill workout routine with the Kbands leg resistance bands and the Kbands Reactive Stretch Cord has many advantages. The athlete wears the Kbands resistance bands on the legs which increase the tension and resistance on the legs. Running at fast speed with Kbands leg resistance bands on not only increases the muscle strength due to intense muscle activation which happens due to working against resistance, but also helps in increasing the power and endurance of the legs. As the athlete accelerates with the resistance bands on the lower thighs, the strain is felt throughout the legs, which indicates the muscle activation and strength building. Also, working on acceleration with the help of Reactive Stretch Cord will help in developing agility and speed. In the cone drill workout routine, using these forms of resistance not only helps the legs and upper core but also as the ankles are worked out, the ankles become more mobile and the increased mobility reduces the chances of injury. The Kbands leg resistance bands help in toning the legs and the effect of the bands is felt by a slight burning sensation along the muscle tendons and fibers. Working in coordination with partner helps in increased responsiveness. The acceleration drill imparts the athletes with increase in speed in various forms like sprinting and transitioning around the edges.


Increase Speed With The Reactive Stretch Cord

Working Out With Kbands Leg Resistance Bands And The Reactive Stretch Cord

The Kbands leg resistance bands are available in different levels of resistance and the athlete using them should be very careful about the level of resistance being used. The athlete should start off with the lowest level and the increase in the level of resistance should be gradual. At no point should an athlete even attempt to use a higher resistance without getting comfortable about the one he uses regularly. Attempting to start off the workout with higher resistance can cause hamstring and ankle injuries. The muscle fibers get acquainted with the resistance gradually because of muscle memory therefore it is important to gradually increase the level of resistance.

The cone drill workout routine helps the athlete in practicing the rapid direction changes. The help in achieving feet control and direction changes at a speed which is vital to an athlete’s performance in addition to his core strength.

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