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Change Tempos With Victory Ropes To Challenge Upper Body Training

When athletes perform high intensity workouts at a high rate of speed they are able to stimulate, and increase the speed at which those muscles trained will fire. When athletes use these same muscles to steady or control another object moving at a high rate of speed they are able to build great stability and control with the part of the body these muscles control.

These two cardiovascular training tempos are great in high intensity workouts when utilized individually or consecutively. The Victory Ropes Modified Partner Slams take high intensity workouts to a new level for athletes by combining and performing these two tempos simultaneously with the Victory Ropes. Athletes muscles will be burning as the fast tempo utilizes large amounts of energy in the muscles and the slower, static portion of the cardiovascular training forces a larger portion of muscles to help stabilize the arm, back, and shoulders.



Although the Victory Ropes Modified Partner Slams appear to be only cardiovascular training for the upper body. The abs, low back, and hip flexors are working hard throughout these high intensity workouts to stabilize the body and keep athletes in a good upright position to properly utilize and stimulate the muscles in the shoulders, back, and arms.

Athletes Who Can Benefit From Cardiovascular Training And High Intensity Workouts With The Victory Ropes

Athletes reading this and exploring the Victory Ropes Modified Partner Slams Drill may see the effectiveness of the Victory Ropes Cardiovascular Training but may also wonder how this drill relates to their role in their sport?

By increasing the speed at which the muscles fire and improving stability and control, this cardiovascular training helps a wide variety of athletes who must perform quick, controlled movements which utilize their arms, shoulders, and back. The movement also requires the abs, hips, and low back to stabilize and control the body throughout these high tempo movements.

Tennis players, soccer and lacrosse goalies, baseball players, basketball players, mixed martial artists, and wrestlers can all benefit from this type of cardiovascular training. This is not to say that other athletes cannot benefit from these high intensity workouts. It simply means that the Victory Ropes Modified Partner Slams are more sport specific to these sports and the roles athletes play in these sports.

For example, a wrestler who shoots in on their opponent must not only quickly move their arms to grab the leg of their opponent, but must also possess the strength, stability, and upper body cardiovascular training to hold onto that leg, and execute another move or finish the takedown. A goalie, in lacrosse or soccer, must always be ready to be quick with their hands in order to stop an opposing player from scoring. However, if goalies lack stability in the shoulders and arms they may not possess enough strength in those body parts to be able to secure the ball after their opponents fire their shot. This drill is extremely advantageous for soccer or lacrosse goalkeepers when combined with high intensity workouts such as the Arm Burning Battle Rope Workouts. Combining these high intensity workouts will force athletes to perform the Victory Ropes Upper Body Cardiovascular training simultaneously with both hands and focus on improving speed and stability one arm at a time.


Strength And Conditioning With The Victory Ropes


Get Slamming With Victory Ropes High Intensity Workouts

To perform the Victory Ropes Modified Partner Slams athletes will need 2 Victory Ropes and a partner. Athletes set up for the upper body cardiovascular training by placing one Victory Rope in each hand, stand across from and face their partner, and move 5-6 feet away from their partner. Athletes will perform the upper body cardiovascular training safely by placing each hand through the anchor straps, located at the end of the Victory Ropes, securing the anchor strap around their wrist, and grasping the Victory Ropes securely with each hand.

Athletes will perform the Victory Ropes Modified Partner Slams by quickly moving one arm and simultaneously trying to control and stimulate with the opposite arm. On a verbal cue, given by a coach or athlete, athletes will simultaneously begin to slam their right arm. Since athletes are facing each other this means athletes will be slamming opposite Victory Ropes. As athletes quickly slam with their right arms they will work against their partners slams as they work to keep their left arm steady at a 90 degree angle. Athletes need to squeeze and utilize their abs and obliques in order to keep their chest and hip square to their partner as they complete the cardiovascular training. Focusing on incorporating the core into high intensity workouts helps to make Upper Body Cardiovascular training drills, like the Victory Ropes Modified Partner Slams, more functional and relatable to activities performed during athletic competition. Athletes should also maintain a slight bend at the hips, knees, and ankles while squeezing the shoulder blades together so they can perform the drill from a good “athletic position”. When in this athletic position athletes need to be sure they do not let their knees buckle inward and maintain a position where the knees remain behind their toes. This positioning elevates the functionality of the cardiovascular training, making it more relatable to sport specific situations.

Athletes will perform the slams with their right arm and the static hold with their left for 15-20 seconds before switching the roles of the arms and performing the slams with their left arm, and the holding portion with the right arm for 15-20 seconds and completing one set of the cardiovascular training. Athletes will really feel the burn in the arms and shoulders. Athletes will perform 4-6 sets of the upper body cardiovascular training completing an even number of sets of both active and static activity on each arm. This will ensure the arms are both worked evenly and effectively during the Victory Ropes Modified Partner Slams. Athletes should take 30-90 seconds of rest between sets.

Keep Your Body Healthy After High Intensity Workouts

Athletes should utilize a good combination of self myofascial release with the Recovery Foam Roller and static stretching with the Kbands Stunt Strap. Using these forms of stretching both before and after high intensity workouts will help keep athletic training at a high level by avoiding costly injuries and setbacks.


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