Tennis Workouts | Kbands Speed Catches

Tennis Workouts | Kbands Speed Catches

There are a variety of ways a tennis player can increase running speed on the tennis court. Although not all of these running drills will be specific to tennis it is important athletes use a variety of both tennis and non-tennis workouts to focus on improving overall speed and speed specific to being a successful tennis player.



Tennis workouts which focus on increasing the speed at which a tennis player can move from point A to point B on the tennis court will help the athlete ensure their training will translate into greater success on the tennis court. However, training sessions should also include non-tennis specific training that focuses on increasing overall athletic speed. These sessions will also be beneficial to fully increase athletes’ speed and work on specific movements related to tennis. Tennis players and athletes who are looking to increase speed in their specific sport should also incorporate drills like the Kbands Wall Run, The Fast Feet Taps, and the Assisted Figure 8 Drill. All of these speed workouts will force athletes to use different types of resistance and movement patterns to increase their speed in multiple directions.

Tennis Workouts For Maximum Speed

For tennis players to increase their sprinting speed on the tennis court they must use tennis workouts that allow the athlete to practice reaching their top speed in the same amount of space they would have available to them during a normal tennis match.

To complete the Kbands Speed Catches tennis players will need a set of Kbands Leg Resistance Bands, an assisting coach or partner, 1-2 Speed and Agility Cones, and 5-6 tennis balls or Chaos Balls. Athletes and coaches who wish to challenge themselves at a higher level in this drill can substitute the tennis balls for Chaos Balls. Using the Chaos Balls during tennis workouts will force quicker movements and better simulate a tennis ball that has been served, or returned, with a large amount of spin on it. Older, more advanced athletes should use the Chaos Balls during their tennis workouts because the level of difficulty greatly increases in this drill with the addition of the Chaos Ball.

Before attaching the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands for any tennis workouts tennis players and coaches need to ensure the amount of Resistance used during the tennis workout is appropriate for the tennis player. The amount of resistance used during tennis workouts should not alter the athletes running mechanics or movements. If the tennis player is not able to efficiently work against the Leg Resistance Bands and not alter their movements then a lighter amount of resistance should be applied for the tennis workouts. Stronger athletes should use the Green or Blue Leg Resistance Bands, whereas less advanced athletes should use the Yellow or Red Resistance Bands before advancing to the Green Resistance Bands. For more information on the different levels of resistance that are available go to the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands Shop Section.

Build Speed With Resisted Tennis Workouts

After tennis players have identified the correct amount of resistance for the tennis workouts athletes will securely attach the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands just above the knees. Athletes have the option of placing the Speed and Agility Cones at the starting point and ideal finishing point of the Kbands Speed Catches Drill, or leave the Speed and Agility Cones out of the Kbands Speed Catches Drill and start and finish the tennis workouts at continually different spots on the tennis court.

To execute the Kbands Speed Catches Tennis Workouts Drill athletes will start just on the outside of the singles line on the tennis court. The partner or coach will stand just on the inside of the single line on the same side of the net, but the opposite side of the tennis court. On a verbal cue given by the partner or coach athletes will quickly begin to perform quick, short, in and out shuffles, quickly taking their feet wider and then narrower. After 3-4 shuffles the partners will bounce the tennis ball or Chaos Ball on the tennis court. To complete the Kbands Speed Catches Tennis Workouts Drill athletes will quickly sprint toward the ball and try to catch it before it hits the ground. Tennis players should complete 5-6 resisted repetitions of the Kbands Speed Catches Tennis Workouts Drill from each side of the tennis court. After athletes have completed all repetitions of the Kbands Speed Catches they will remove the Kbands Leg Resistance Band and perform 2-3 unresisted repetitions from each side of the tennis court. Tennis players should take 40-60 seconds of rest between sets as maximum sprinting speed should be reached on each repetition of the tennis workouts.

How To Increase Running Speed With Tennis Workouts

There are several components of the Kbands Speed Catches Tennis Workouts Drill that must be properly executed to make the tennis drill a successful tennis training exercise. First, coaches must use good judgment when serving the balls during the tennis workouts drill. Coaches or partners serving the balls need to ensure they are putting the balls in a place that will be challenging for the athlete but is also at a reachable distance.


Speed With Kbands


Second, when performing the sprint it is important tennis players use good running form so they are efficient with their body movements. In such a short space efficient body movements and good running form will be key to creating speed in such a short distance. This also means that running mechanics like keeping a low chest with a forward lean, working off the balls of the feet, and using a powerful arm swing will be key in creating the speed and momentum to reach the tennis ball in time. For more tips on running form and mechanics go to the Training Section or Live Chat Section.

Before and after tennis workouts athletes need to focus on keeping their bodies healthy by practicing foam rolling techniques with the Recovery Foam Roller and Dynamic Warmups which can be found in the Training Section.


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