Tennis Balance and Hand Eye Coordination With A Partner

Tennis Balance and Hand Eye Coordination With A Partner

Hand eye coordination and balance is very important in the game of tennis. Balance will help you move quickly to a pinpoint location while hand eye coordination will help drive the tennis ball over the net.  This drill is a fun drill that you can complete with a partner before practice to increase your skills with little to no negative impacts on your body. Review the video below and let’s get started.



Why Do You Need Balance In Tennis?

Balance and agility go hand-in-hand. Without great balance you will not be able to change directions quickly on the tennis court. Balance gives you the ability to get your body into the proper position needed to strike the tennis ball properly. Without balance, or a great center of gravity, hand eye coordination is impossible to achieve. Balance occurs from the ground up. The best way to improve your balance is by increasing overall core strength. This includes the glutes, hips, abs, obliques, and lower back. All of these muscles aid in maintaining proper chest position and rotational power. This hand passing drill is an active balance drill. Active means that you are actively maintaining balance while completing a hand or foot action. Other forms of balance drills come with core specific training. Whether your completing Bridges, Side Raises, or Victory Ropes Power Turns you will be building course strength. Developing the core always equals better balance.


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What Is hand eye Coordination?

Hand eye coordination is your body‘s ability to complete an action with timing and precision. With tennis, hand eye coordination is required when hitting the ball. Your body must read the incoming shot and position itself to strike with power. And I coordination also gives you the ability to hit the tennis ball in a precise position on the tennis racket. Poor hand eye coordination leaves your body struggling to place the ball on the racket where you want to. In the simple drill above you will notice hand eye coordination is required to catch the tennis ball and exchange hands. By completing all of these actions quickly you will improve your body’s ability to read and exchange each tennis ball. Take time to work on hand eye coordination drills every day to become a better tennis player.

After a simple warmup with a partner drill like this, complete some forehand and backhand drills. Your mind-body connection will be ready to rock, and hitting drills are great to follow with partner drills like this one. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and we will be sure to help you with your training.