Kbands Training Stability Ball Exercises | Single Leg Body Balance Toss

Using Ball Exercises To Improve Overall Body Balance

Balance is an important skill for all athletes to possess. Whether it is a pitcher driving off the mound, a running back continuing to run even after sustaining a hit from the opponent, or a basketball player driving through the lane while absorbing contact. They all utilize balance to make great athletic plays.

Exercises which challenge overall body balance often require the athletes to perform drills unbalanced. This can be accomplished by raising one leg so only one foot is on the ground or utilizing some other outside stimulus such as an unbalanced surface or external forces which force greater focus to balance. An example of an outside stimulus which can increase balance is the Reactive Stretch Cord, Kbands Leg Resistance Bands, or the Victory Ropes. These pieces of fitness equipment can be used in a variety of ways to try to pull athletes off their desired course of movement and force them to adjust to these types of outside stimuli. Athletes can go to the Sports Training Section to see great balance drills performed with the Victory Ropes, Kbands Leg Resistance Bands, or the Reactive Stretch Cord.



Stability And Balance Exercise Ball Exercises

Performing exercises which challenge athletes balance will help increase overall athleticism. If you were going to build a pyramid of athletic skills balance and stability would be the foundation of that pyramid. Skills like speed, strength, and agility all rely on ones ability to control and stabilize their body.

To perform the Kbands Single Leg Body Balance Toss athletes will need a partner and a Kbands Training Stability Ball. Athletes will begin the body balance drill by standing side by side and moving 3-5 yards away from their partner. Athletes will both be facing the same direction and should strive to keep their shoulders and hips squared up to the wall in front of them. This will force greater muscle activation in the obliques and transverse abdominals. The oblique muscles and transverse abdominals are what help athletes perform rotational movements such as spiking a volleyball or swinging a baseball bat. Once athletes are correctly aligned they will both raise their inside foot as one athlete begins with the Kbands Training Stability Ball in their hands. Athletes who begin the body balance drill with the Kbands Training Stability Ball in their hand will slightly rotate away from their partner before quickly rotating, and tossing the Kbands Training Stability Ball to their partner. Partners will catch the Training Stability Ball, stabilize their body, and return the Body Balance Ball to their partner in the same rotational throwing motion. Athletes will perform 6-10 throws with their inside leg raised before switching, raising their outside leg, and performing 6-10 throws with the Kbands Body Balance Ball. After athletes complete 1-3 sets of throws balancing on each leg athletes will either switch positions, or simply turn around so athletes who were throwing to the left are now throwing to the right and vice versa.

Athletes need to be quick and powerful as they rotate and perform the ball exercises. Focusing on balancing on one leg for the entire set should be the focus for each athlete. The more balance athletes are able to develop through exercise ball exercises the more advanced they will be able to become in other training areas such as speed, agility, and strength training.




Creating Body Balance After Ball Exercises

A great way for athletes to continue to build stability and rotational power after ball exercises have been completed is by performing ab strengthening exercises and rotational exercises. Traditional ab exercises such as the Kbands Bicycle performed alongside the KB Powerbands Toe Touch is a great abdominal combination which creates great body balance and stability in athletes. By performing a higher paced drill (Kbands Bicycle) alongside a strength exercise (KB Powerbands Toe Touch) this forces more muscle activation in the core than performing one of these ab strengthening drills individually. Rotational drills, like the RSC Power Turns, are a great way to compliment the rotational aspect of body balance ball exercises by utilizing more strength versus focusing on balance. Athletes who incorporate rotational strength drills with their ball exercises will see greater improvements in rotational power and overall body balance and stability.

Overall ab strengthening exercises will be a great compliment to ball exercises and will help athletes build that strong foundation for training. Athletes who have been utilizing body balance and ball exercise drills into their training routine and want to move into more strength based training should go to the Sports Training Section. Here athletes will find drills and training routines which directly correlate to their particular sport. Athletes can also check out the Recovery Section to learn about recovery tools like the Recovery Foam Roller and the Kbands Stunt Strap. Both recovery items will be essential for keeping athletes bodies healthy and performing at a high level.

Keep On Training After Ball Exercises Have Been Completed

The Kbands Single Leg Body Balance Toss is one of many great exercise ball exercises which can be performed near the beginning of a training routine. After using the Recovery Foam Roller and Kbands Stunt Strap to prepare the body, athletes should utilize body balance training at the beginning of their training routine. This allows the body to properly prepare and warmup certain muscles which are critical to maintaining great body balance. When athletes have their balance warmed up at the beginning of a training session they are able to perform strength, speed, and agility drills at a much higher level.

Ball exercises are also more desirable for team and small group training settings. Ball exercises such as the Kbands Single Leg Body Balance Toss take up a minimal amount of room and is an excellent way to get athletes engaged early in a team workout. Athletes can continue to learn about more great ball exercises and body balance routines by exploring the Sports Training section.