Offensive Lacrosse Drills | Dynamic Traffic Shooter


Offensive Lacrosse Drills | Dynamic Traffic Shooter

The Dynamic Traffic Shooting Drill is a great lacrosse video used to demonstrate advanced footwork techniques and dodge transitions in front of the cage. By completing the suggested reps and sets you will find this drill to be a significant component to your success finishing each shot. This sport specific lacrosse drill should take you no more than 10 minutes to finish individually or in a group atmosphere. Get started watching the lacrosse video below.



Lacrosse Video Set Up and Spacing

This dynamic drill has many components set up to challenge various elements as we approach the cage for our shot. To complete this drill correctly we will need accurate spacing with Cones and a Speed and Agility Ladder. First we will need a Cone about 25 yards from the cage on each side. Our starting position will be about 15 yards from the GLE where we will place our Speed and Agility Ladder. Just passed the Speed and Agility Ladder, we will place an additional Speed and Agility Cone for our second passer. We will need a Cone directly in front of the ladder, as well as a Cone in front of the cage for our dog variations. Finally, we will need an additional Cone for our final finishing passer just outside the GLE.

Benefits of The Lacrosse Speed and Agility Ladder

Speed And Agility Ladders are used throughout most sports to focus on footwork and quickness. One of the biggest benefits of a Speed and Agility Ladder is power off the ground and body control. With our Speed and Agility Ladder we will be able to complete sequences such as: Icky shuffle, High Knee, Lateral High Knee, etc.

The main focus through each sequence is to maintain our center of balance while completing the footwork drills as quickly as possible. In addition, you will notice in the lacrosse video, each athlete is utilizing a correct rhythmic stick cradling to control the ball. Continue to keep your hands moving throughout the drill and stay under control as you pass and receive the ball on your way to the net. Also focus on footwork. Throughout the lacrosse video you will notice that each player’s feet are as close to the Ladder as they can keep them. Staying compact will allow you to easily get to the next step rather than losing momentum each stride. Drive off the ground and accelerate through the Ladder.


4x2 Ladder Sequence


Offense Lacrosse Drill Acceleration and Deceleration

Throughout this lacrosse video we will also be utilizing Speed and Agility Cones to help with spacing in front of the cage. These will mimic defenders as we move from the left and right side of the field. Various dodges will be utilized at each individual Cone to help accelerate to the net.

In the game of lacrosse speed and agility is essential. By focusing on acceleration and deceleration techniques you will become a much more effective attacker. Approach each Cone at full speed and use a chop-step method to slow your bodies’ momentum enabling you the proper body position for each dodge. Utilize various techniques such as: the Roll Dodge, Question Mark Dodge or even the Split Dodge to create space in front of the net. The more compact we can be during the initial roll, the more space we will have for our shots. Accelerate as fast as possible and immediately gain ground for the shot.

Optimize Your Results With Kbands

Kbands Leg Resistance Bands are an essential training tool needed to improve the speed and agility of athletes of all ages. By optimizing muscle activation in the hip flexors, glutes and hip girdle you will find your speed dramatically improved. Also by adding resistance we will be able to optimize the power that we have to drive off the ground. Remember, speed is created by proper technique, stride frequency, stride length, and power off the ground. Utilizing Kbands will help stimulate these muscles leading to greater gains in a shorter period of time. Complete 2 to 4 resisted reps from each the left and right starting position. Follow the resisted reps with one un-resisted rep from the left side and right side. The un-resisted reps will give you the opportunity to move with complete muscle activation. This is where you will notice the gains coming quickly. Stay within yourself and push the pace during this time period. 

Additional Lacrosse Training

This advanced level drill should always begin with a Lacrosse Warm-Up. Also utilize the Circular Speed Drill and Box 3 Drill to help with your footwork on completing dodges. 

For speed specific workout videos grab a set of Kbands Leg Resistance Bands and get a great training program called Speed 101 that will allow you to improve your speed and fast twitch muscle fibers through a five week training period.


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