Lacrosse GLE 2 Man Attack

Lacrosse GLE 2 Man Attack

Published by Trevor Theismann on 20th Dec 2021

Lacrosse GLE 2 Man Attack

Lacrosse is game of strategy, agility, and most important, teamwork. This deceptively simple game moves very fast, and field conditions change rapidly. So successful lacrosse players need to keep up with these changes and support each other even more than athletes in most other team sports. Drills like the lacrosse GLE 2 man attack drill can help offensive players learn to rely on each other during the rapid twists in game control that take place close to the net.

In this drill, two offensive players work together to execute a two second maneuver designed to deceive defenders and open up a clear shot at the net. When completed properly, the move happens so fast that defenders are unable to intervene. But chances of scoring are lower if players move slowly or don’t synchronize their intentions fast enough to complete the exchange.

The drill demonstrated in the video below can help players develop an instinctive feel for this pass-shot combination that they can then execute in high speed game situations. If athletes apply the added tension of the Kbands while they complete the practice drill, they’ll also build strength and balance in the muscles of the core, which will in turn lead to greater agility and control over direction changes.

Lacrosse GLE 2 Man Attack Drill: Setting Up the Drill

This drill will require a standard set of lacrosse equipment for each participant, including pads, sticks, a ball and a net. Players will also need a set of Kbands resistance training bands each, and the complete arrangement will require a set of agility cones. Both the agility cones and the Kbands can be purchased through Kbands

The cones can be laid out around the net with just enough distance to keep the offensive players operating at wide angles. In an effort to generate realistic game conditions, both athletes participating in this drill should execute a wide turn toward the point of the pass and the shot on goal. Players can coaches can use the video as a guide for determining the distance between the cones and the net.

In the meantime, both players can stretch, warm up, and attach the Kbands straps to the upper legs. The tension of the bands will help players build the strength and speed necessary to maneuver in the high traffic areas around the scoring zone. When the straps are in place, the resistance bands can be clipped to the metal rings and the drill can begin.

Lacrosse GLE 2 Man Attack Drill: Executing the Drill

This drill works on multiple fronts to build a wide range of game skills, but the most essential goal will be teamwork. Both players should be working hard to read each other’s signals and operate as a united front when the game activity accelerates and moves closer to the net. While one athlete—the passer-- works to create a space around the net free of defenders, the other—the shooter-- will attempting to open a clear line to the net before accepting the pass and taking a shot on goal.

Passers should run directly at the cage and make the nearest defender cut them off. As soon as the defender moves in for the cut off, that’s when the passer should break upfield and find clear access before executing a pass across the middle of the action.

Meanwhile, the shooter will make a wide swing around the scoring zone, assisted by the placement of the speed and agility cones. The shooter’s hands should stay high, and when the pass takes place, the shooter should be ready to receive the ball and immediately send it toward the goal.

Lacrosse Attack Drills: Making Maximum Use of the Kbands Resistance Training Bands

As both players approach the goal—especially the shooter—they should not allow the added resistance of the bands to slow their stride or diminish their velocity across the field. In fact, both players should actively accelerate through the resistance. A full stride and explosive speed with the bands in place will mean powerful control, agility, and explosiveness when the bands are removed.

If players accelerate through the cuts and work through the tension of the bands, they’ll build power in the hip flexors, which will support quick stops and direction changes. And if players move quickly through the sequence described below and repeat each rep with full explosiveness and minimal breaks, they’ll make the most of this exercise and generate faster results.

Lacrosse GLE 2 Man Attack Drill: Sets and Reps

The lacrosse GLE 2 man attack drill can be executed by adult or youth players at any skill level. Each individual on the team can begin by playing a role as the shooter, completing three complete reps with the bands in place. Then players can adjust their roles and complete three more reps in the position of the passer.

After six total resisted reps—three in each role—players can remove the bands and complete two more reps in each role with no resistance in place. Athletes should take advantage of the temporary sensation of lightness after the removal of the bands in order to concentrate on speed and accuracy while passing and shooting.

Lacrosse Attack Drills: Final Notes

For a wide range of video training tutorials for offensive and defensive lacrosse players, athletes and coaches can explore the lacrosse training section of The videos in the lacrosse training section provide drills and exercises like this one that can help players build speed, agility, passing and catching skills, and game winning team strategies. These drills are demonstrated by experienced athletes and can help team maximize the benefits of their practice time and their use of resistance and suspension training equipment.

The Kbands Training website also offers similar training materials and video breakdowns for a growing list of other sports, including basketball, baseball, football, track and field, and soccer. For questions and additional information, coaches and players can use the site to contact the Kbands trainers directly.

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