MMA WODS | Modified Fighter Burpee Workout

MMA WODS | Modified Fighter Burpee Workout

Any WODs that works the body aerobically will help athletes to increase endurance by lowering their heart rate, and increasing the body's ability to utilize oxygen. These positive adaptations of a stronger heart and lungs will in turn help the body to use more fat as fuel. The human body generally contains a significantly higher amount of fuel available from fat storage than from carbohydrates in the body. Therefore it is beneficial for athletes to train their body to be better at burning fat in order to induce longer and more intense bouts of exercise.



Things like squat thrusts, burpee workouts, and other conditioning WODs can be used to train the body for these positive adaptations. Athletes should still consume carbohydrates’ as they can be a good source of quick and needed energy for active athletes.

Burpee Workout

To successfully complete a burpee, athletes will perform the following movements. Begin by jumping the feet back, extending the arms, and coming to a flat upward pushup position. From this position athletes will perform a squat thrust and jump the feet and knees forward, then immediately stand up. An optional pushup can be performed while in the pushup position, an optional jump can be performed as the athlete stands up from the squat thrust.

A burpee workout can consist of many different adaptations. There are burpee workout variations that include different movements prior to the squat thrust, burpee workouts that use resistance equipment (Kbands Leg Resistance Bands, Victory Ropes), or burpee workout variations which incorporate different movements as the athlete is coming out of their squat thrust. Athletes can go to the Training Section to learn about different burpee workouts and burpee WODS.

MMA Endurance WODs

To perform the Modified Fighter Burpee Workout athletes will need two Victory Ropes. Athletes will need to secure both Victory Ropes to an anchor as the athlete stands 10-12 feet from their anchor. Athletes will secure both Anchor Straps by placing their hands through the Anchor Straps and grasping the Anchor Strap with their hands.

There will be two separate burpee workouts that make up the Modified Fighter Burpee Workout. The first portion consists of a simultaneous double slam with the Victory Ropes, followed by a jump back with the feet, into a squat thrust, back into a standing double slam. Athletes will continue the alternating double slam burpee combo for one minute before immediately moving into the second portion of the Modified Fighter Burpee Workout.

To successfully complete the double Victory Rope slam portion of the Modified Fighter Burpee Workout athletes need to think of power. The first portion of the burpee workout focuses more on exerting a large amount of power in a single movement. This power for conditioning concept is great for simulating an actual competition in which powerful movements are constantly being used to gain an advantage over the opponent. Athletes should think about getting tall with their hips extended as they come out of the squat thrust and into their double slam. Great extension at the hips means the athlete can use that hip power to create more powerful slams into the ground. Remember to keep the hands and Victory Ropes out in front to allow for maximum power on each slam.

Modified Fighter Burpee Workout

The second portion of the Modified Fighter Burpee Workout moves from a focus on power into more of a focus on speed. This switch from power to speed will really tax the bodies energy systems forcing positive adaptation and increased performance.

For the second portion of the burpee workout athletes will keep the same position as the first burpee exercise. Instead of beginning with a slam athletes will begin with ten alternating single Victory Rope slams. After the single slams have been completed athletes will jump their feet back, then squat thrust back to a good athletic stance.

Athletes really need to focus on speed as they move through the ten single slams. Unlike the double slams athletes will not be able to load up their hips to aid in the movement. Athletes should assume a good athletic position with a slight bend at the knees and hips, with a squeeze in the abs and shoulder blades. Keep the arms out in front as the shoulders and arms move to accelerate the Victory Ropes. Always avoid rounding the back, allowing the knees to extend over the toes, or allowing the shoulders to roll forward. Good body alignment will ensure the proper muscles are being used and trained on the burpee workout.


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Athletes will perform the alternating burpee single Victory Rope slam for 30 seconds before resting for an additional 30 seconds, then moving back into the double Victory Rope slams portion and completing another round of the burpee workout. Athletes should complete 3-6 rounds of the Modified Fighter Burpee Workout toward the end of their training session.

The Modified Fighter Burpee Workout is a unique conditioning, and endurance workout that incorporates sports specific elements. The powerful double slam simulates the hip power and speed to take an opponent to the ground. The burpee movement simulates a defensive move of avoiding an opponent trying to grab the legs, while the squat thrust motion specifically trains the entire body to stabilize and move as one. Athletes can add additional difficulty to this burpee workout by adding Kbands Leg Resistance Bands to the workout. Although the legs stay parallel through out the Modified Fighter Burpee Workout athletes can benefit from using the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands. As the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands provide slight tension above the knees athletes will have to focus on keeping their abs and glutes engaged to compensate for the pull of the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands. This will help to increase muscle activation in the glutes and hips, resulting in additional hip and knee extension power on kicks, takedowns, and other strikes.


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