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Building Running Endurance: How to Build Endurance

How to build endurance is constant question of runners who want an increased pace and stamina. This Kbands exercise for endurance workout is for runners looking to build muscular and cardiovascular endurance to keep up the pace during long runs. Building endurance is important for long runs and is not only done by just simply running. It is vital to target the muscles that will help propel the body during a run like the core and glutes. There is no need to stress the joints during a workout while building endurance, this Kbands endurance workout will get the heart rate up and bring muscles to fatigue while going easy on the joints.



How To Build Endurance: Kbands Power Split Squat

The Kbands power split squats are an explosive move that will target the glutes, hamstrings, and quads for a powerful running base that will aid in building running endurance. Strap on the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands, this increased resistance is designed to keep muscles under continuous resistance. This constant resistance is the key to building running endurance for a steady pace. Begin in a lunge position and then explode out of it, scissoring the legs to land in the lunge with the opposite leg in front. Explode out of the downward movement for even greater resistance. During the upward acceleration, drive the arms up for increased momentum. Be conscious of the knee joint and do not let the knees pass the toes. Tighten the core and give max effort to gain powerful leg muscles. Move quickly always powering through the resistance to begin building running endurance. Perform for 15-20 seconds before resting for 20 seconds and complete a total of 4 sets of this endurance exercise.

How To Build Endurance: Kbands Speed Rope

Kbands Speed Rope is a powerful tool in the runner arsenal to building running endurance. This move will challenge the leg muscles as well as build endurance of the cardiovascular system, this combination is how to build endurance and stamina during a run. To begin, perform the double-footed jump rope for 60 seconds. Move directly into the single leg jumps. Jump for 30 seconds on the right leg and then 30 seconds on the left leg. Finish out the set with 30 seconds of running in place with the Speed Rope. Really drive those knees up to activate the legs muscles; building running endurance of important calf and hip flexor muscles. Maintain a quick pace and push past threshold in order to build running endurance and train those muscles for long duration runs. Take 30-45 seconds breaks in between 5 full sets to work on building running endurance in a way that is efficient and easy on the joints.


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How To Build Endurance: Kbands Shuffle Torque

Next, use the Fusion Wall Mount to mount the Victory Rope at chest level, step out from the wall to find the right level of resistance. Start with the right side next to the wall, explosively shuffle from the wall and then drive the Victory Rope across the chest and extend the right arm. Use the torque of the hips to power through this movement and turn the body; powerful hips and core are the base of good torque and a good runner. A runner must be able to maintain core and leg endurance for long runs, the Kbands Shuffle Torque is how to build endurance for a strong run. Perform 12 reps on each side. Take an extended rest of one minute to 90-seconds between sets and complete 4 total sets. Keep up the pace and push the body to failure. This will help runners to build hip strength and endurance to lessen the likelihood of injury and increase stamina for long distance runs.

How To Build Endurance: Victory Rope Lateral and Vertical Whips

Victory Rope lateral and vertical lifts are a key in how to build endurance. Utilizing the Victory Ropes will allow the user to activate almost every muscle group in the body and this muscle under resistance will aid in building running endurance. The Victory Rope Whips will activate the core, arms, and legs to power through runs with every muscle maintaining proper form. Mount the Victory Ropes at a low point on the wall. To perform the vertical lifts bend the knees and keep the core tight for building running endurance. Keep proper spinal alignment during the vertical rope lifts and do not allow the elbow to flare for greater leverage, use the muscle of the shoulder to bring the rope up and down quickly. When the Victory Rope is up the runner should be using that momentum as resistance and pulling back down, do not allow the rope to fall on its own. Keeping the body under this resistance is how to build endurance effectively. Enact the same rule when performing the lateral lifts, moving quickly so that that you are working against the resistance of the rope. Perform 15 seconds per arm for both vertical and lateral lifts. Maintain this for 5 minutes with 30-second breaks between 15 seconds horizontal and 15 seconds vertical on each arm. Maintain this for 5 full minutes. Building running endurance is done easily with this dynamic and powerful move.

How To Build Endurance: Final Thoughts

Don’t take huge breaks in between in order to build running endurance. This muscle under tension is how to build endurance in the most effective way that is easy on the joints and won’t leave the body feeling weak before the next run. Building running endurance is easy with this and other Kbands workouts like the Victory Ropes Power Training, Conditioning Doubles Training, and Core Stability Training. Other resources for runners include marathon training and injury prevention guides.


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