Build Strength and Power With This Karate Kick Drill: Side Kick Chamber Drill

Power With This Karate Kick Drill: Side Kick Chamber Drill

For a mixed martial artist to build and maximize their karate kicks balance, power, and explosion must be optimized. To increase these aspects of their karate kicks, athletes must not only improve power of the actual karate kick but must also improve the power from their chamber. The Side Kick Chamber Drill achieves all of this by using resistance to maximize the power of the karate kick, while placing extra focus and attention on the leg chamber.

Moving from resisted to un-resisted karate kicks will help the athlete to achieve full muscle activation. Athletes will feel the increased power during the un-resisted karate kicks.

The Side Kick Chamber Drill is easy to set up and is an excellent karate kick drill for martial artists of all skill levels. Pushing through resistance on your karate kicks will help athletes improve the power and explosion of the karate kick. While the starting position of the karate kick will help athletes to maximize their balance and put more focus on their leg chamber.



Side Kick Chamber Drill: Starting Position

To begin the Side Kick Chamber Drill athletes will attach a set of Kbands around their legs just above their knees. After the Kbands are secured athletes will begin the karate kick drill by getting on both hands and both knees on the ground.

Athletes will begin the karate kick drill by looking behind them and tightly chambering their knee into their chest. Once the knee is chambered, the athlete will explosively kick in a straight line to their rear. After the leg is fully extended the athlete will tightly re-chamber their knee into their chest before performing another explosive karate kick.

Side Kick Chamber Drill: Karate Form and Technique

Throughout the Side Kick Chamber Drill athletes need to keep proper form and technique. Each karate kick needs to be performed with maximum force while keeping the leg in a straight line. Athletes need to be sure their leg is not being pulled to the side but is instead remaining straight and pointed at the target as they push through the resistance.

A focus of this karate kick drill is the chambering of the leg. Athletes need to keep a tight chamber at the beginning of the kick. This will help athletes maximize the distance between their foot and their target. The farther your karate kick travels the more force you will be able to generate with your karate kicks.

Side Kick Chamber Drill: How Karate Kicks Should You Do?

This drill is simple and requires maximum force and explosion on every karate kick. This means repetitions can vary based on age and skill level. For intermediate to advanced martial artists 10 resisted repetitions of the karate kick drill should be performed with each leg. Following the 10 resisted karate kicks, athletes will remove their Kbands and perform 10 un-resisted karate kicks to each side.

For beginning and less advanced martial artists the repetitions can be reduced. Remember the goal of the Side Kick Chamber Drill is to increase strength and power in karate kicks. Be sure athletes and instructors are choosing repetitions that are challenging for the athlete however be sure to watch form and technique. If form and technique begin to break down, the repetitions need to be adjusted.

Side Kick Chamber Drill: Final Thoughts

Once athletes have mastered the Side Kick Chamber Drill they can move into the more advanced Kbands Side Kick Standing Drill. This karate kick drill practices the same kick power and chamber focus only from the feet instead of kneeling down.

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