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Core Conditioning In MMA

Core training is one of the most essential components of training workouts for MMA strength and conditioning. The core is a collective term for the composite muscles in the abdomen region, hips and trunk; and core strength refers to your ability to maintain posture and centre of gravity. Since much of the MMA fighters’ power comes from their waist, hips and lower back, a stable core controls their ability to balance their bodies, which in turn, infuses power in their legs to leverage and strike effectively. The core muscles are responsible for ensuring the correct alignment of the spinal column, rib cage and pelvic girdle, thus helping in the maintenance of correct posture. A sufficiently strong core works as the stable foundation for the head, arms and legs, ensuring an effective co-ordination between the upper and the lower body.



In MMA fights, punching or kicking requires the transfer of weight with maximum power and speed from the upper to the lower body and vice versa, which only a strong core will facilitate. The MMA strength and conditioning drills mentioned here will help you forge a mid-section of steel so that you can punch, kick, elbow, and knee with more authority, as well as absorb more impact to the mid-section. On the other hand, a weak core will lead to a serious imbalance between upper and lower body, resulting in a poor posture, which may negate the effectiveness of your training program and increase your susceptibility to injuries.

Planks Are Effective In MMA strength and Conditioning Workout

The plank is a popular core-training exercise that conditions your abdominal muscles as well as strengthens and protects your back. It involves transferring one’s body weight on the forearms, elbows and toes, often for an extended period of time. The planks strengthen the entire body, from core and lower back, all the way up to your shoulders.  The objective of a plank is to steady the lumbar spine and keep the spine in neutral position while conditioning your core. Since the sport setting calls for a stable and flexible spine amid all the intense movements, doing static planks will be least effective in high-intensity sports like the MMA. Therefore, our MMA conditioning workout comprises a variation of planks called Victory Ropes Conditioning Plank, where we combine the conventional planks with Power Victory Ropes to give your core maximum conditioning and stability for high tension activities. This MMA conditioning workout increases core stability from different angles, so that you do not lose control of your body when an opponent attacks from either side.


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Power Victory Ropes Add Variation To Conventional Planks

MMA conditioning training is all about core strength and requires high-intensity workouts that fire up your muscles and help you optimize your strength and conditioning. As a fighter, you need to have a strong grip, forearm, core, and shoulder strength and Kbands Power Victory Rope is an explosive training tool, designed for  HYPERLINK "" power exercises, particularly useful for combat sports that call for high levels of endurance and conditioning. Incorporating Victory Ropes in your MMA strength and conditioning workout is a great way to increase your power, strength, endurance, and explosiveness.

MMA Strength And Conditioning Workout With Planked Pull Downs

To get started with the lateral planked pull-down drill, you need to strap one end of your Victory Rope around a sturdy object while the other will be wrapped around your wrist. Get down in the plank position by first getting into the push-up position on the floor, bending your elbows at 90 degrees and resting your weight on your forearms. Remember to transfer your body weight to your forearms and not to your hands. Your feet should be wide apart and your weight should be pressed back into your heels to provide a strong foundation. Your body should be stretched in a straight line from shoulder to ankles, with your hip lined up with your shoulders and heels, and your belly button tucked in, maintaining a neutral spine.

While maintaining a push-up plank position, balance yourself on right arm and begin with the left side, pulling elbow to the side to pull the Victory Rope. This movement will activate your lats, back and challenge your core while raising that arm. A key point to remember in this exercise is to keep your shoulders squared and pelvis facing the floor (avoid twisting or leaning hips). Since good balance is very crucial in this position, resist the urge to lean towards or away from that side to work as a lever. You need to stay straight as we move down through the lateral pull-down. Whenever you lift a foot or an arm while doing this plank, you will be getting extra muscle activation, firing up the complex muscles in your core, trunk, lower back, all the way up to your arms.

Victory Rope Conditioning Planks With Single-Arm Slams

After 10 reps of lateral planked pull downs, we will lift the same hand that was engaged in lateral pull-down and switch directly to single-handed slams.  Raise your arms up overhead and forcefully slam the ropes down to the ground. This workout will blast your core- the abs will burn and your arm muscles will be on fire. The athletes need to perform another 20 seconds of the slam before moving on to the other arm. Take a short break as you readjust the strap and move right down in the lateral pull down as well as the front slams. Take a brief, minute or minute and a half rest in between these sets to act as a buffer in between each arm before moving on to any other exercise.

Overall, a strong core region will allow the MMA fighter to dominate his opponent, with all the other things being equal. These Victory Rope conditioning planks improve balance, strength, power, endurance and flexibility of the lower back, as well as that of the abdominal region and hips. Including these planked pull-downs in your MMA strength and conditioning workout will strengthen the muscles around your core and stabilize your spine, thus facilitating effective weight transference and injury prevention. Grab a pair of Kbands Power Victory Ropes and tone up, and boost your core muscles to the max.


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