MMA Weight Training With Resistance Bands | Victory Ropes Modified Power Slams

MMA Weight Training Basics

MMA athletes are dynamic and powerful, and the weight training they engage in must be dynamic as well. It has become common knowledge that one should train as they intend to perform. With the Victory Ropes Modified Power Slam Workout MMA weight training can safely match the dynamic nature of MMA fighting while requiring the most from core and shoulder muscles.



Resistance Bands for MMA Weight Training

Weight training traditionally uses dumbbells and free weights, However using these tools limits range motion and forces an athlete into a stationary position. By using resistance bands for MMA weight training an athlete can receive the benefits of reverse flies, seated rows, and back extensions while also incorporating dynamic motion and balance, both of which are crucial to the MMA athlete. 

Victory Ropes Modified Power Slam Workout

Attach the Victory Ropes to a solid anchor and loop the safety strap from one of the Victory Ropes around a wrist. Take a few steps back from the anchor once the rope is straight to engage the elastic resistance. The resistance will force low-back, mid-back, and shoulder muscles to counter this pull. Stand with an athletic bend to the knees while maintaining a straight back and high chest. Now is the moment where you decide whether you're going to stand with 1 foot or 2.

Neutral Athletic Stance: if the Victory Rope is around the right arm, then have the left leg forward, the opposite is true if the Victory Rope is around the left arm. Bend the knees and lower your weight into the stance. Keep the back straight and chest high. This will engage your back and shoulder muscles. Do the entire exercise with a stationary stance focusing on a solid core throughout.

Single Leg Stance: situate a single foot below the body while maintaining a bent knee. This will help your balance and engage your core. Focus on tightening the abs and leaning back into the motion to get the most out of this drill. Alternate feet by hopping to the opposite foot every 2 to 3 seconds throughout the set. Don’t let the Victory Ropes pull you into the anchor during the exercise. Instead resist the tension and remain in place between each hop.

Do 3 sets of this exercise each time backing up a little further to increase the tension in the Victory Ropes. Remember to maintain an upright position throughout the exercise as it will be easy to be pulled forward the further you back up.


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Balance at the Core of MMA Weight Training

The Victory Ropes Modified Power Slams workout is designed to develop balance while engaging in dynamic motion much like the requirements during a fight. At its most basic, this workout is designed to increase core strength and shoulder activation - both very important to any MMA workout. However, by using the advanced techniques of only balancing on 1 foot and alternating that foot throughout the set coupled with the Victory Ropes elastic tension, an athlete’s core is further engaged while maintaining the safety necessary for basic MMA weight training.

Why it Works

The core is traditionally one of the most important parts of the body to work, however it is also one of the most difficult to isolate as it is involved in almost every movement. The result is accessory muscles tiring well in advance of the core muscles and thus core muscles don’t get the benefit of a good burn. By using the Victory Ropes, resistance is introduced into the traditional Battle Ropes formula and so is a focus on the core.

The other big advantage this exercise has is safety. MMA training already has its risks as far as injury goes, so there’s no need for undue risk in basic MMA weight training. Many balance exercises have athletes standing on uneven terrain such as a stability ball or balance disk designed to put the body off balance. These work well for other programs, however working out on an uneven surface makes injury far more likely for a hardcore MMA athlete. The Victory Ropes Modified Power Slam workout allows an athlete to maintain their footing on level ground while also introducing the unbalancing factor of resistance.


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