Best Heavy Bag Workout For Punching Speed and Power

Best Heavy Bag Workout for Punching Speed and Power

In order to train hard, athletes must always warmup before any drill or training program using sport specific dynamic movements. For this particular heavy bag workout an appropriate warm up may be jumping jacks, shoulder circles, practice punches, and jump roping to get the heart rate up and blood to the muscles for optimal performance and results.

Equipment necessary for the Power Three Drill is a heavy bag and boxing gloves. If there isn’t access to a heavy bag it could be possible to use a partner holding a target. Be sure to maintain proper form throughout the workout. Proper form ensures that the correct muscles are being utilized and strengthen for maximum punching speed and power that will acquire that knock out punch.

The Power Three Drill is an incredible heavy bag workout that utilizes sport specific movements in rapid succession to guarantee increased punching speed and power for an athlete that hit the knockout every time. By maximizing muscle recruitment in a short amount of time this is the best heavy bag workout for shoulder strength and endurance thus a powerful and quick strike. This is a combination of three intense shoulder drills, which will recruit every muscle to ensure an increased punching speed and reaction time.



Best Heavy Bag Workout for Punching Speed and Power: Power Three Drill

The first exercise in this heavy bag workout is alternating speed punches. The primary goal of this exercise is to move quickly and get in as many punches as possible in 30 seconds for the most effective heavy bag workout. Punches should be fired at chest height as quickly as possible. Maintaining quick punches for the full length of time keeps the muscles under resistance, which is how muscle is built and will result in increased punching speed. Speed punches are a great heavy bag workout that requires speed and endurance. Be sure to push through the burn and maintain form so that this heavy bag workout results in intensely powerful strike and increased punching speed. The athlete will also be performing quick feet while punching.

The second exercise in the Power Three heavy bag workout will have the athlete on the floor in a pushup position with gloves still on. Keep the spine in line and core activated and pelvis tucked under for this move in order to reap the full results and acquire a powerful punch that is unmatched. From the pushup position, gather momentum and bend the elbows to dip down and explode off the ground to then punch the bag with both fists. Again, this heavy bag workout is explosive and should be done quickly for an intense muscle activation and shoulder endurance exercise. This increased endurance will equal unmatched punching speed athletes desire.

The third and final exercise of the Power Three heavy bag workout are the push up position alternating punches. The athlete will remain in the pushup position and alternate punches hitting the heavy bag as quickly as possible. Maintain form and a tight core for optimal results. These are challenging moves but push through for the best heavy bag workout for increased punching speed. This heavy bag workout done regularly is guaranteed to increase the punching speed of athletes and endurance during boxing and kickboxing.


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Power Three Heavy Bag Workout: Repetitions and Sets

What sets this heavy bag workout apart and makes it the best heavy bag workout for training athletes is that the athlete is performing the drills rapidly to maintain resistance and tension of the muscles. Each of the Power Three heavy bag exercises will be done for 30 second rounds and three round will be completed before continuing on to the next exercise. This will end up being 90 seconds of the alternating speed punches, 90 seconds of the explosive pushup punches, and 90 seconds of the pushup position alternating punches. Take 10-20 seconds of rest between each 30 second set and then continue. The non-stop movement during this heavy bag workout is the key to unlock muscle endurance and increase punching speed and stamina. Each of the three heavy bag moves offers an important piece to gaining ultimate athletic performance.

After completing one full round of a total of 90 seconds per exercise, repeat the Power Three heavy bag drills two more times. This is an intense workout and is meant to push the athlete to muscle fatigue that will result in increased punching speed and explosive power for amazing performance. Push through the pain and burn and maintain form to maximize the result and make this the best heavy bag workout out there.

Power Three Heavy Bag Workout: Recovery and Results

Finish this incredible heavy bag workout with a cool down and stretch. This workout will work the shoulders to fatigue and leave them burning and heart racing, so bring down the intensity. Athletes should stretch out the shoulders and core to guarantee quicker recovery time to get back on the mat injury free and ready for optimal performance. Check out this article on how to punch harder as an addition to this heavy bag workout. For an additional full body routine, utilize the Kbands Victory Ropes and the various exercises offered on this site to build athletic force, strength, stamina, and power for explosive movement that can’t be beat. The Victory Ropes are incredible and intense way to engage muscles in the entire body resulting in a dynamic way to train.

Refuel and hydrate after this heavy bag workout to ensure fast recovery and muscle growth for power packed punches and strong athletic performance.


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