Leg Workouts With Dumbbells And Resistance Bands For Runners

Leg Workouts With Dumbbells And Resistance Bands For Runners

Published by Trevor Theismann on 15th Dec 2021

Leg Workouts With Dumbbells And Resistance Bands For Runners

It’s time to take your training to the next level. If you find yourself running sprints but are looking for some off-season conditioning in the gym, this exercise is great for you. It’s important that we complete exercises that build muscle throughout your legs. By utilizing Kbands leg resistance bands and a set of dumbbells, you’ll be able to increase muscle activation and power. Stream the video below as we review the techniques required to achieve your goals.

Why Use Dumbbells

Weight training has been proven to help build muscle strength throughout the human body. When utilized in an efficient manner, athletes can help build sprint speed with more strength. In the exercise video above you will notice the dumbbells being utilized in each modification. These movements can be enhanced with a greater load. The dumbbells in the first modification increase the load on the body which requires adaptation. More weight driving down through the hips will require the body to adapt and strengthen. Building stronger hips will lead to more stride length.

Resistance Bands For Weight Training?

As we discussed, the dumbbells are adding load to the body down to the ground. Kbands on the other hand are activating the muscle groups required for running. Hip flexor and glute activation is optimize greatly while wearing Kbands. As you complete each repetition drive your arms up. Complete 20 second sets on each leg during both modifications.

What If I’m Not Strong Enough

In the video you will see two modifications utilizing dumbbells. One, you will complete the exercise and they split squat position with your rear leg on a bench. This will increase the load provided on the front leg. Second, if you are not quite as advanced, you will stay in the split squat position on the ground. Drive your rear knee as you stand up tall moving your arms in a running motion. This exercise is much easier and will help you progress to the split squat bench position. For questions or advice when you’re training please feel free to contact us right away.

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