New Speed and Agility Training At The Park

New Speed and Agility Training At The Park

No matter what sport you play, practice is only so many days a week. If you want to maintain your progress, then you must continue training outside of organized practices. Using your local park can help give you the space you need for speed and agility drills. Take a look at the video below as we describe the set up and execution of this drill.



Should You Train Indoors, Outdoors

Most sports are played in an outdoor environment. There are lots of training facilities that are indoor that can help you achieve your goals. Most of the time indoor facilities cost money to rent space, or to be a member. We always suggest finding a local park that has open space that you can utilize year round. With no membership fees or individual session fees you will be able to save money and effectively train with whatever your schedule may be.


Increase Speed With Kbands


What Equipment Should You Use In The Park?

Whenever you are training at the park it is important that you have mobile equipment. You cannot take weights to the park because they are too hard to travel with. We suggest mobile light weight equipment that you can place in your gym bag. Some essential training devices are: Speed And Agility Ladder, Agility Cones, Kbands, Reactive Stretch Cord, Victor Ropes, Speed Chutes. These items are lightweight and easy to move from location to location. Feel free to browse through each item and view the training videos included with each package. These speed training products Will help improve your speed in different ways.

Surface Is Important

Whenever you are training at the park remember to train on a similar surface that you will be playing on. If you are a baseball player, stay away from asphalt. Most agility drills will challenge your body’s ability to change direction. Some services will be slick and can cause injury. Stick to Grass if there are no similar services at the park available to you. Grass is a safe surface that has give for your joints.

If you have any questions on Park workouts or would like training advice please feel free to leave a comment below.