Lacrosse Goalie Fast Break


Lacrosse Goalie Fast Break

One of the most critical passing moves in a well-played game of lacrosse involves turning an interception by the goalie into a strong offensive maneuver. The sooner the goalie can deliver the ball to an offensive player on the way to the opposite scoring zone, the faster a defensive play can become offensive, and the faster the momentum of the game can change. But in order to execute a fast-break pass, players will need teamwork, communication, coordination, and timing. And all of these elements start with practice and repetition.

This drill, called the lacrosse goalie fast break drill, can help perfect this timing and teamwork by allowing the goalie and the offensive player to practice the “lead” element of the pass. A leading pass is delivered to a player in motion—ideally moving at very high speed. The pass is sent to the point where the athlete will be when it arrives. If this move is perfectly executed, the player in motion will be well on the way to the scoring zone by the time the pass reaches its mark. In order to improve the performance of the entire team, every offensive player should have a chance to work with a partner in the goal area, and each pairing should involve several reps of the same motion. This drill takes only a few minutes per partnership and can be easily worked into a regular training session.



Lacrosse Goalie Fast Break: Setting up the Drill

This drill requires very little equipment, but each partner pair will need a goal and some space on the field. The goalie and the offensive player receiving the outlet pass will both need a complete set of lacrosse equipment including sticks and protective gear.

Lacrosse Goalie Fast Break Drill: Executing the Drill

At the beginning of the drill, the goalie should be standing in position and the offensive player should be close to the goal or at the sideline near the end of the field. The offensive player will begin to sprint upfield, keeping close attention on the goalie and preparing to intercept the pass when it’s delivered. The goalie will allow the offensive player to launch into the sprint before sending the pass upfield to either the right or the left of the athlete’s current position.

Players and coaches can observe the video for a demonstration of this move. Note how the pass moves in an arc to meet the player while in motion. It may take several reps of the drill before both players gain a feel for the leading element of the pass. But players should keep in mind that if they don’t master the lead and the ball arrives at the point where the player stood seconds earlier, the ball will fall directly into the possession of the opposing team and the move will become a turnover. If the ball makes it safely into the possession of the player in the middle of an explosive sprint to the opposite end of the field, this simple outlet pass can become a powerful offensive maneuver. Mastering this move can mean the difference between scoring a goal and returning immediately to a defensive position.

Players should complete six to eight throws delivered to the left, followed by another six to eight passes delivered to the left. These reps should be completed before teams and partners move on to any other goalie drill in the set. At each rep, the offensive player should launch into the sprint and cut toward the sideline on the left or right side before intercepting the pass and moving straight upfield.


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Lacrosse Goalie Fast Break Drill: Technique

The most important element of success with this drill will be the lead, which will involve practice and coordination. But other elements of technique will also play a strong role. Players should concentrate on keeping the stick elevated and keeping the hand position light and agile. The stick should rest high in the palm, not down toward the wrist, and the player should keep a relaxed angle in the elbows.

The sprint should be explosive, but the offensive player should pay close attention to the pass while sprinting at full speed. Again, players and coaches can watch the video for a demonstration and can perfect this move during the beginning or end of every standard practice session or set of goalie drills.

Lacrosse Goalie Fast Break Drill: Final Notes

This drill is just one in a complete collection of lacrosse drills designed for both offensive and defensive players and available on the Kbands Training website. This drill takes only a few minutes, and should be followed by the next drill in the series, the lacrosse goalie hands drill. This drill will help players concentrate on their footwork as well as catching and receiving the ball with proper technique.

After the lacrosse goalie hands drill, teams and coaches can begin working through the next drill in the video series. The series contains a comprehensive and growing list of lacrosse training videos targeting every position and every aspect of the game. Coaches and players can explore the lacrosse training section of for drill demonstrations and tutorials, and the site also offers purchasing information for training tools like speed and agility cones and agility ladders.

Every day, the Kbands trainers add more videos to each of the sport specific sections of the website, including sections for baseball, track and field, soccer, football, and basketball. Many of these training drills involve minimal equipment, but others rely on the targeted tension of the lightweight, portable Kbands, KB Powerbands, and KB Duo. Just adding the Kbands to a regular training session can help build hip strength, enhance leg rive during sprints and direction changes, and increase lateral quickness. For more information and purchasing details that can help you get the most out of your state-of-the-art suspension and resistance training gear, explore the resources on the site or contact the Kbands trainers directly.


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