How To Punch Faster | Resisted Torque Punches

How To Punch Faster | Resisted Torque Punches

Published by Trevor Theismann on 4th Jan 2022

Body Mechanics For Punching Faster

No one can deny the importance of speed in combat sports. The athletes in the combat sports know that the technique alone will not get you to the top. What really matters in the competition is the ability to implement that technique and knocking out your opponent with fast, powerful punches. Regardless of how powerful you are, if your opponent’s punch lands first every time, he will beat you hands down.

Explosive punching power comes mostly from technique and a thorough understanding of body mechanics. First, let us understand the body mechanics and how different muscles are differently important in combat sports. For endurance, slow twitch muscles, such as the ones on your neck or your core play a crucial role. Similarly, for quick movements like punching or sprinting, the body uses fast twitch muscles that cause quick muscle contractions. In the current context, these are the muscles that we need to work on for punching faster. These are the muscles that come into play when you need to accelerate your mass from a state of relaxation to tension (impact) as quickly as possible; acceleration means how fast you increase the speed. In combat sports, particularly, for punching fast, the athletes need to increase the speed of their mass in as few seconds as possible.

How To Punch Faster By Optimizing Torque

Punching power comes mostly from your lower body; therefore, it is essential to understand how the swift movements of the upper body are dependent on the power emanating from your core and lower body. First, we will talk about the role of torque in rotational movements and how tapping that power will double your speed and get you punching faster. The scientific definition of Torque (power) is force multiplied by velocity. Therefore, the power which is generated during the rotational movements is an outcome of the force as well as the velocity (speed) involved in the movement. Essentially, torque is the power you need to harness in order to be able to deliver faster and powerful punches. The drill that we are discussing on this page is called Resisted Torque Punches, which taps the rotational movement of the body for punching faster.

Resisted Torque Punches

It is a simple yet effective workout that boosts the speed and helps the athletes in punching faster. This drill teaches you how to punch faster by working on the torque and power surrounding the core trunk. Since power is built from the ground up, we need to keep our hips active as we rotate with that power punch. Everything comes from the hips for power. Focusing on the lower body is the key to punching faster in powerful, explosive bouts.

As mentioned earlier, we will carry out this workout with the help of Kbands Victory Ropes to learn the craft of punching faster. One end of the anchor straps of the rope is mounted on a sturdy object while the other end is held securely in one of the hands. You need to walk out of the way to develop as much resistance as you can handle. However, remember to have a proper form as we walk through the resistance: the legs should be wide apart and one hand should pull the anchor strap while the other is shoulder width apart. You must maintain the gap between your hand and your chest as you move forward. The anchor hand needs to work like a simple base as you rock and move explosively.

Since the involvement of hip muscles has already been emphasized upon, the easiest way to check if you are not using your hips is by turning the back foot. If you find that your hips are staying straight and you are producing torque from the top-half alone, you are not deriving the maximum velocity from your core. It is of utmost importance to vault through with your hips, turn that foot over and accelerate that hand forward. This is all it takes to honing the skill of punching faster. For about 20 seconds on each side, you should be very explosive for 3-5 sets. With sufficient practice, you will see a tremendous increase in your speed and you will able to use the rotational movements of your body for punching faster.

Use Victory Ropes For Learning The Technique Of Punching Faster

To get a leg up on the competition, speed is as essential for combat sports athletes as much as technique or strength. With the help of our Kbands victory ropes, the athletes will learn about punching faster and quick hand speed. After all, the ability to land a strike with speed and power is the key to avoiding attacks from your opponent and getting the better of him. The resistance training offered by Kbands Victory Ropes will gear you up for punching faster.

The strength and conditioning Victory Ropes is an explosive training tool utilized to maximize power. The Victory Ropes enhances an athlete’s ability to train with resisted drag sprints, dynamic resisted agility drills, upper body power slams, and rotational torque drills. Attaching the Kbands Victory Ropes during the workout will help athletes create more tension on the core muscles. By enhancing the strength and speed firing through these muscles, one can optimize the power emanating from the muscles and utilize it for punching faster. The placement of the resistance forces greater muscle recruitment in those areas and helps the athletes add strength and speed during resistance training. It is this combination of speed, explosiveness and strength that packs a knockout punch.

Now that you know the secret behind punching faster, grab the Kbands Victory Ropes and take your punching speed to new levels. Apart from the victory ropes, Kbands has loads of other equipments to help you fine-tune your punches. Athletes can also explore workouts with the KB Powerbands, Reactive Stretch Cord, and Kbands Stability Ball for additional rotational strengthening.

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