Home Fitness Workout Challenge


Home Fitness Workout Challenge

If you are new to working out this is a great home workout challenge to establish an athletic baseline of fitness. If you have been working out for a while then perform the Home Fitness Workout Challenge to see if you can complete the challenge. Even if you workout consistently this will be a difficult workout because you haven’t worked out with this volume of these exercises. This muscle confusion workout begins with 400 pushups in 20 minutes. Then perform 10 sets of max pull-ups to failure. After pull-ups, perform 10 sets of tricep dips to failure. The tricep dips are followed by bicep curls, you got it 10 reps to failure. And finally you complete this muscle insanity workout by going back to pushups and complete another 100in 5 minutes. Your muscles are going to be burning at the end of this workout.




Start with 400 Push-Ups

Start this Home Fitness Workout Challenge with 400 pushups in 20 minutes. Pick one of the athletes on the video and perform your sets when that athlete goes. Count the number of pushups you are performing to determine your final count in 20 minutes. During this set your wrists will burn so you can modify your hand and elbow locations to help with this. Perform pushups with your hands closer together. Moving your hands wider will provide a break for your wrists and also provide more chest activation. Try to perform 20 or 30 or 40 pushups each time you start after each 30-40 second rest break. Your muscles have memory so to add to the muscle confusion work hard to push yourself beyond the number when you usually stop. Confuse your muscles by doing varying numbers of pushups during each set. Stretch during the rest periods. At the 5 or 7 or 8 minute mark your chest, triceps, and wrists will burn. Work hard to push through this burn. You are beginning to get maximum benefit from this muscle insanity. If you have difficulty keeping a good pushup stance then drop to your knees and continue the fitness workout challenge doing pushups from your knees. After 20 minutes of pushups track your total number completed, take a quick break and then get ready for your pull-up set.


Kbands Ballistic Bands


10 Sets of Pull-ups to Failure

The pull-up set in the Home Fitness Workout Challenge is 10 sets to failure. You can use The Ballistic Bands if you need assistance performing pull-ups. Loop the Bands over the pull-up bar and put your knee in it to help with this home workout routine. As in the pushups, adjust your grip and hand width from wide, narrow, or even neutral grips. You can modify by using wrist straps to help with the pull-ups but this takes longer for the set up of each set. Or have a partner provide assistance by lightly pushing up on the shoulder blades. These modifications will allow you to get an 5-6 additional pull-ups in each set. These additional pull-ups add to your muscle burn and maximize the results. Take a 30-40 second break between sets and at the last set of the pull-ups and then move into tricep dips.

10 Sets of Tricep Dips to Failure

When performing the tricep dip set you can use a weight bench or any other elevated surface or use resistance bands. Again you will be doing 10 sets to failure with a 30-40 second break between each set. You can modify these tricep dips by keeping your elbows close to your side or allow them to flare. Make sure you stay under control and don’t bounce out of the bottom. Keep constant control on your triceps as you move through the 10 sets. If you use a weight bench and keep your feet on the floor this modification will make the dips easier because of the additional support. Make sure you are using the correct resistance band for maximum burn and muscle growth. After this tricep dip set take a break and get ready for the bicep curl set.

10 Sets of Bicep Curls to Failure

During the bicep set you can use Ballistic Bands, Fusion Cables Home Training System, KB Powerbands, or a plate. Find the resistance band that challenges you and causes failure after 10-12 reps. You can modify your hand position to get maximum muscle confusion. Keep your hands in a neutral position and keep the elbows back to keep the load in your biceps. Use a wide or narrow grip to help protect your wrists. Don’t let your form get messy. Remember if you need to perform cheater sets you can kick the hips back to help raise your arms but don’t arch your back to help raise the weight. Arching the back takes the weight out of the bicep and minimizes the benefit of the exercise. Take a 30-40 second break between sets and work to complete all 10 sets. Finally move into to the last exercise group of 100 push-ups. Once you complete these you will have completed the Home Fitness Workout Challenge.

Another 100 Push-Ups

Now finish this home workout routine with a set of 100 push-ups. This should take about 5 minutes. Try to finish in 2-3 push up sets. If you are burning it may take more sets. Take breaks when you need them but push through and complete this muscle insanity workout that should leave you burning. Keep track of your numbers and try it again in the future to see if you can improve your results.

Final Thoughts

This is not an easy home workout fitness routine. Most people train doing 10-12 reps during each set of 3. This routine will create muscle confusion for the muscle groups we are targeting because the muscles are not used to this much volume at one time. As you move through the routine always remember to concentrate on the muscle that is being worked. Work to isolate this muscle so it is the one primarily used during that set. You will then achieve maximum muscle burn and stimulation from each set. Also remember to concentrate on your form. Make sure your form and body positioning does not degrade as you get deeper into the workout. This will also compromise the results you could be achieving. Keep a record of how you did with this Home Fitness Workout Challenge and come back to it periodically to see how much your numbers can improve. Can you do more push-ups in 20 minutes? Did you increase the number of dips or pull-ups you performed in the 10 sets? Were you able to increase the resistance band weight and still do the same number of reps per set? Challenge yourself to be better. You are your biggest competitor.

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