Best Chest Exercises To Do At Home / New Chest Workout


Best Chest Exercises To Do At Home / New Chest Workout

This New Chest Workout contains some of the Best Chest Exercises To Do At Home using the Fusion Cables Home Training System. This chest exercise routine will hit your pecs from numerous angles allowing you to achieve maximum muscle burn and development. You will quickly move through this best chest exercise to do at the house keeping the pace high so you are maximizing your time and getting the best results.

This best chest exercises to do at the home routine starts with a great chest muscle warm up, moves into a pre-exhaust set and finishes with a combination superset. Each chest exercise is performed with the appropriate resistance that gives your the most burn in your muscles without compromising your form. Remember to keep your muscles flexed throughout the exercises and control the resistance during both halves of the movement. This will ensure you receive maximum benefit for the time spent working out at home.




Fusion Cables Fly

Start this New Chest Workout with the Fusion Cables Fly. We begin with a Fusion Cables medium weight to warm up the chest. Put the appropriate Fusion Cable resistance band on the middle mount using the over/under loop method discussed in the “How to Video”. The resistance should be enough to allow you to fail after 15 to 20 reps. Put Fusion Handles on the end of each resistance band. Grab the Fusion Cables in your hand and stand off the wall facing out.  You will extend your arms out with a slight bend in your elbows.

Reach out and extend in the front of your body squeezing in your chest. Remember to keep a good rhythm and squeeze your chest throughout the entire motion. Remember you are contracting and lengthening a flexed muscle. Do not contract in front and allow the muscle to relax on the way back. Keep the muscle flexed during the concentric and eccentric movement. Flexing forward and backward during the entire movement gives you the greatest results during your home workout. The longer your muscles are under tension the greater benefit you will receive from the best chest exercise to do at the house. Keep a high pace during the workout.

Perform 4 sets of 15 to 20 reps with a 30 second break in between sets. This is a good warm-up exercise that will prepare you for the Best Chest Exercises To Do At Home, Fusion Cables Low To High. The next at home workout will be a pre-exhaust set to prepare you for the final group of chest exercises in the routine. During your 30 second break easily set up the Fusion Cables System for the next exercise. 




Fusion Cables Low to High

Next move into the Fusion Cables Low To High home workout. Begin with 2 lower mounted Fusion Cables of the right resistance so you fail after 15-20 reps. This will be our pre-exhaust home exercise so you want a lot of pace through 4 sets, with only 30 to 45 second breaks between sets.

A pre-exhaust set is performed to tire the muscles and prepare the targeted muscles for the exercise that will cause the greatest burn and benefit. Take the Fusion Handles in your hands and walk out from the wall. The home exercise will start with your hands at your side. Stand tall with a slight bend in your elbows. Your arms will be coming out and around with your hands meeting in the middle.

Squeezing at the top of the exercise in your upper pecs. This home exercise takes advantage of being able to pull from a wide position to the middle of the chest. This movement provides way more chest activation and development by squeezing during every rep.

With our shortened rest period of only 30 to 45 seconds you should begin the next set with a bit of a burn from the previous rep. By the last rep your pecs should be on fire, burning from all the shortened rest periods. Don't rush through the sets. Remember to resist on the way forward and back. Flex your chest the entire set during the concentric and eccentric movement. This low to high movement will work the upper pecs from a completely different angle. The longer your muscles are under tension means greater stimulation and activation. This means greater muscle growth. Keep high pace and complete 4 sets. During the final rest period easily convert the Fusion Cables Home Training System to the configuration needed for the final exercise in the New Chest Workout routine.




Fusion Cables Decline Fly and Press

The final exercise in this New Chest Workout is the Fusion Cables Decline Fly and Press. This is a great combination superset to work your chest from multiple angles in the best chest exercise to do at the house workout routine. In this combination superset you will be using a medium to heavy level Fusion Cable. You will do 10 Decline Flies and then 10 Presses as 1 set. The Fusion Cables Home Training System can easily be adjusted to increase or decrease the resistance.

So don't get too ambitious and grab a heavier weight that you can’t handle and maintain proper form. You can always add more weight during the rest period if the resistance is to light and you are not getting a good burn and experiencing completion failure at the completion of the set. 

When performing the Fusion Cables Decline Fly exercise you will work with a staggered foot position. If you work with your feet side by side you'll have the sensation of tipping backwards and this could put strain on your low back. So maintain a nice base with split feet. Keep your chest high and shoulders back as you squeeze your chest at the bottom.  Press your flat hands together to get a good stretch and squeeze your bottom chest at the end of the movement with your arms fully extended. Open your elbows and get a good stretch and accelerate on the way down and again squeeze when your arms are fully extended. Work to place your palms together to help with the muscle activation. Perform 10 of the Fusion Cables Decline Fly before moving immediately into the Fusion Cables Press. 

When performing the Fusion Cables Press you will bend slightly at the elbows. You will keep your hands flat, palms facing down, throughout the movement helping to work the chest from a different angle. You will start high, extend your arms down and squeeze at the full extension of the arms. Touching the sides of your hands together at the thumbs. Play with your elbow position. The elbows could be high or low.

Do what makes you feel the most burn in your chest while performing this portion of the Fusion Cables Decline Fly and Press. Remember to squeeze your chest throughout the entire movement. Control the descent of the elbows. Don’t let them sling back. Perform 10 of the Fusion Cables Press before taking a 60 second break. This set consists of 10 Fusion Cables Decline Flies followed immediately by 10 Fusion Cable Presses before taking 60 second break. Keep your rest periods to the allotted time so you can maximize the muscle activation. Each set should leave you burning and you should have a residual burn still occurring at the start of the next set.

New Chest Workout Final Thoughts

This sequence of chest exercises start with a warm up followed by a pre-exhaust before moving into the combination superset. This is a great sequence to develop your chest muscles so you will look better in a T-shirt. It is also designed to be a great workout that can be performed at home that will give you results and help to keep you motivated so you continue your at home workouts.

The warm-up in this sequence uses a medium weight on a middle mount. The warm up is designed to get the muscles ready for the best chest exercise to do at the house. After the warm up you will quickly move into a pre-exhaust set. This will continue to fatigue the muscles of the chest before you get to the combination superset. The combination superset will cause the chest muscles, high middle and low, to burn with each set and rep. Perform all of the chest exercises with a fast pace and high tempo.  Watch your time during the rest periods so you don’t take more rest than recommended. The benefit of this routine is starting each new set still burning from the previous set. This increases the time your chest muscles are under tension. This means greater muscle activation and ultimately muscle definition and growth.

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