Best Bicep Workouts At Home With Resistance Bands


Best Bicep Workouts At Home With Resistance Bands

If you are working out at home you probably have noticed that training your biceps can sometimes become a little monotonous. Completing the same exercises over and over can become rather boring. The key to training at home and achieving the results you want is by mixing things up. If your target is biceps then the Fusion Cables Home Training System is an amazing training tool that can help mix up your bicep workouts. The best bicep workout with the Fusion Cables is the Scrape Exercise. The bicep Scrape Exercise is a great way to isolate the muscles while completing high repetitions. Take a look at the video below as we discuss techniques and training tips to build bicep strength fast.



Scrape Bicep Exercise Set Up

To set up the Bicep Scrape Exercise you will need to mount the Fusion Cables on the bottom of your Fusion Home Training System. Remember the optimal amount of resistance is important. If you are strong enough to train with the level five Fusion Cable then the next step up will be doubling the Fusion Cable Arms. You have the ability to mix-and-match levels to find the most effective resistance level that you need. To get maximum results for your biceps at home you have to work out to failure. Dumbbells are not necessary to reach high levels of resistance. With the Fusion Cables even the strongest individual will fail during each set.

After you set up the Fusion Cables on the low mounts walk out from the wall. You will be training in a stretched resistance band length. Do not stand so close to the wall to where there is slack in the resistance bands when starting the exercise. The Fusion Cables must be slightly stretched so that you have resistance through full range of motion. Next, lift the resistance bands and pull your arms back. Your elbow should be at a 45° angle from the floor towards the wall. Your focus will be on your wrists. Pull the resistance bands by the handles toward your armpits thinking only of straight wrists. You will then put the area that you would wear your watch into your armpits. This angle will effectively isolate the bicep and leave no room for error. As you fatigue you will find that your elbows will want to creep forward. During the Fusion Cable Scrape Exercise you need to prevent this from happening. To isolate the bicep muscle the elbows must remain in a rear 45° angle.

Best Bicep Workout Repetitions

Now that you have the set up completed let's jump into the repetitions of the Fusion Cable Scrape Exercise. You will begin with 10 repetitions. During this rep range you should be failing. What this means, is that you should no longer be able to complete a proper Scrape. Towards the end of the set your elbows will want to leak forward you must resist this. Find the level of Fusion Cable that makes you fail at the 10th repetition. Next, you will then move directly into “cheater reps.” During this portion you allow your elbows to come up in front of you like a traditional curl. It will not feel near as intense but due to muscle failure the only way that you will be able to continue completing reps is by rolling your elbows forward. This technique will help maximize muscle fatigue, muscle breakdown, and lead us to the best possible bicep workout.

Bonus Bicep Exercises

As you get more comfortable with the Scrape Exercise you can start branching out and begin using different exercises. The Fusion Cables will allow you to complete exercises above your head, facing the wall, or band level rotational movements. No matter what your bicep goal is it's important that you continue to mix up the exercises to keep things fresh. Working out at home can sometimes be a struggle. Motivation is key. Stay consistent with your training making your biceps fail 2-3 times a week for best results.

There's More To Getting Size

Just because you are completing bicep exercises doesn't mean that your biceps are going to grow dramatically. Remember, it's a lifestyle. You must continually train your biceps every single week 2 to 3 times a week. Nutrition is also key. If you are not eating the proper foods you will struggle to see gains. Be sure that you're eating the correct amount of protein, and maintain a low calorie intake to drop body fat. Seeing results is from a combination of building muscle and reducing body fat. It's important that you consistently work on building biceps, but without lowering your body fat you will never see your hard work.

In conclusion, stay consistent, eat the right foods, and continually mix up your workouts for optimal results. Take a look at the Fusion STP Bicep Training Program to maximize your bicep gains. There are several different exercises that you will be recommended in this workout to help build biceps strength.


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