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What Is A Simple Workout I Can Do At Home To Develop Abs

Everybody wants a killer set of abs, it’s easily one of the number one searches for fitness and strength conditioning. The problem is many of us are doing the wrong types of exercises to get the results we’re looking for. What is needed is a movement that attacks the top, bottom, and length of the abdominal muscles, and preferably one we can do at home. If this is you, try on these two movements for the best results.




Victory Ropes Ab Exercise

The Victory Ropes Ab Exercise is a twist on the traditional lemon squeeze. In this movement Anchor a set of Victory Ropes to the wall and slide away from the wall to increase the tension on the Victory Ropes. You’ll need this tension for the more advanced form of the ab movement. Start in the plank position with arms extended above the head holding the Victory Ropes. With straight legs draw the toes towards the ceiling while pulling the arms straight overhead against the pull of the Victory Ropes to nearly meet the shins. For best results use the abs to pull the shoulders and arms down to the legs not simply using the arm muscles themselves. This is where the lemon squeeze normally stops, however with the resistance provided by the Victory Ropes we’ll add in a hip raise. From this position drive the hips off the ground towards the ceiling, and then back down - arms over head and feet on the floor - slowly to reset at position one. For the more advanced movement, attempt to keep the hips off the ground as long as possible while the legs drop slowly back to the floor. Do this exercise to failure each set for four total sets. Between each set, take only a 35 to 45 second break.

The reason the lemon squeeze with Victory Rope resistance is such a good movement is that it focuses on all the sections of the abdominal muscles in the frontal plane. The top and mid abs are hit in the Victory Rope crunch, and the lower and mid abs are lit up in the leg lift and hip drive. This means we’re accomplishing more exercise with less time. 




Victory Ropes Core Knee-up

In the Victory Ropes core knee-up we will set up on a diagonal from the Victory Rope Anchor. Placing our left hand through the Victory Rope handle and balancing on our right hand and left leg we will draw the right knee up into our core and the left arm holding the Victory Rope down to meet that knee. If this seems hard to visualize watch the above video, it will clear up the movement quite well.

The trick will be balancing while doing the entire movement, however the tension the Victory Rope provides should help. Complete 10 reps each side, left and right hand, then take a short break. We will be doing four sets using each arm with minimal breaks between each set. Once balance is no longer a problem increase the pace of the exercise while focusing on the squeeze at the center. There should never be a time where the core feels relaxed during this entire movement. The core should remain engaged even on the extension both for balance and for the best results from the movement. If these rules are followed this exercise will light up some of those transverse ab muscles and some of the deeper core muscles that are often overlooked in a static ab movement.

How To Make Ab Exercises Better

Often times it's not the ab work out that is the problem in gaining ab muscles. Instead it is the focus that we have while doing them. Rather than simply completing each motion as quick as possible, our focus should be on the squeezing of the abdominal muscles to produce the movements. This is different than simply joining an elbow to a knee in the Victory Ropes core knee-ups, instead think of it as crushing the core inward while the limbs move as a result of the core balling up.

Each movement should include a draw and a release. This doesn’t mean pull the abs in for the end position and let go of the tension as you go back to the start position. Both the pull and the release should be taxing on the abdominal muscles. By focusing this way we’re really getting two movements in one. Merely adding this one tip will revolutionize your ab routine. It might help to think of it this way - release is not relaxing.

Definition After Development

The crowning jewel of a good set of ab exercises is that shredded six-pack we’re all going for. The six pack is elusive however if were not willing to change our diet. Simply put, ab definition comes from a low body fat percentage and strong core muscles underneath. By following the above exercises the latter can be accomplished. However, for the lower percent body fat nutrition is going to have to be a part of our routine. For more information on how to lean out and find those hidden ab muscles head over to our nutrition section of There you can find all sorts of tips and advice on how to trim up and get that definition you’ve always wanted.

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