Get a Six Pack With This Ab Exercise Superset


Get a Six Pack With This Ab Exercise Superset

Workout beginners who are looking for effective ways to get a six pack should focus on two separate areas of fitness; high quality nutrition and ab exercises that target the core and heart rate. The six pack is actually a grid of connective tissue, or fascia, that covers the rectus abdonimus muscle. This is only one muscle, but as it gets stronger through continuous, intense ab exercises, the muscle volume increases while the fascia stays the same, which creates the appearance of deep lines.

For some, this definition comes with minimal effort. But for those who don’t have the benefit of genetics, the only way to get a six pack is through regular ab exercises like the superset demonstrated in the video below.

The abs are also typically covered by a thin layer of body fat, even in lean, well-conditioned athletes. So creating visible definition means taking steps to target and remove that fat layer. And since fat loss can’t be focused and applied to specific areas, this means attacking fat reserves throughout the body in general using exercises that elevate the heart rate.

As the heart rate rises, the body shifts metabolic processes in response to perceived demand. For example, during quick bursts of intense activity followed immediately by rest, the body draws energy from blood sugar and glycogen reserves stored in the muscles. For longer periods of low level activity with a slightly elevated heart rate, the body relies on glycogen from the liver. To convert resources from glucose and glycogen to the energy stored in fat tissue, the heart rate should be pushed into the “fat burning zone” and kept there for several minutes at a time. The fat burning zone occurs when the heart rate reaches a point between 40 and 65 percent of its maximum speed.

Ab exercises like those in the video below function on two levels; they bring the heart rate up above 40 percent of its maximum, and they do this by applying strong pressure to the muscles of the abs, obliques, and core. Those who are looking for ways to get six pack abs should complete exercise supersets like these on a regular basis and should also pay close attention to caloric intake and healthy eating habits.



Ab Exercises: Standing Plank

The first round of ab exercises in this set will require the use of the KB Duo. These ab exercises are called standing planks, and like all plank exercises, they work best when the abs are used to keep the back and body line perfectly straight.

To begin these ab exercises, attach the straps to an overhead anchor point and take a handle in each hand. Extend the arms forward and straighten them at the elbow, then walk the body a few steps back so the body weight is supported by the arms. Keeping the arms straight and the back flat, raise the arms above the head and lower them again for thirty seconds. The pressure of this move should be felt in the stomach and chest, and the move will become less effective if the line of the body sags or the rear end rises up.

Ab Exercises: Knee Ups

The next set of ab exercises will make use of the Kbands, which should already be attached and in place just above the knee. Stand with the arms straight forward and the hands together and drive the right knee straight up toward the chest. Then lower the knee and drive it up again, squeezing the abs strongly each time the knee reaches its highest point. Repeat this move with the right leg alone for 30 full seconds at a rapid pace, then switch to the left knee for 30 more seconds.


Ab Exercises: Standing Planks

After 60 total seconds of knee ups at a fast but controlled pace, return to the KB Duo for another round of standing planks. This time, complete the plank exercises for 60 seconds. For a slightly easier ab exercise, walk the feet forward so the body is standing nearly upright. In either case, upright or horizontal, make sure that the arms don’t rise past the level of the ears, since hyperextending the arms can cause rotator cuff problems.

After this set, move back to the center of the floor and complete another round of knee ups for 30 seconds on each side. Finally, start the entire set of ab exercises from the top and complete a final set of 60 second standing planks and 60 second knee ups for a total of three rounds.

At each stage of this superset of ab exercises, make sure your range of motion is complete, and be sure to squeeze the abs fully during every repetition. The abs and core are large muscle groups, so if they’re fully taxed and kept in motion at a fast and continuous pace, they can quickly drive the heart rate up above 40 percent. To keep the heart at this level, breathe deeply throughout the entire superset and take only short breaks between each round.

How to Get a Six Pack: Final Notes

A deeply lined grid over the abs doesn’t just come from ab exercises alone. Proper sleep, stress management, and healthy eating habits are also an important part of a fat loss plan. As you work these ab exercises into your total body workout routine, make sure you’re also cutting back on sugary soft drinks, fatty red meats, and processed foods, and increasing your intake of lean proteins and green vegetables. Choose whole grain carbs like whole wheat, oatmeal, and rice, and try to eat several small meals during the day instead of one or two large meals at lunch and dinner. Never skip breakfast, since a few healthy bites of food in the morning can launch metabolic processes that help regulate blood sugar throughout the day.

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