What’s The Best Way To Lose My Side Fat

What’s The Best Way To Lose My Side Fat

Published by Trevor Theismann on 24th Nov 2021

What’s The Best Way To Lose My Side Fat?

Side fat can be one of the most frustrating areas on a your body. No matter how many crunches you complete, you may never see the results you're looking for. The key to reducing side fat is by eating in a calorie deficit and targeting problem areas with strength training exercises. The Ballistic Band Side Crunch is a great way to strengthen the oblique muscles. This is the area below your love handles that if strengthened, can give a much improved look in the mirror.

Strengthen Your Obliques To Reduce Side Fat

After watching the video you will recognize how easy this exercise can be to complete. First wrap the Ballistic Bands around a rack or low anchor. The Ballistic Bands come in five levels of resistance. Find the one that allows you to maintain full range of motion as you crunch. When you begin this exercise you will wrap the Ballistic Band around your wrist and lay down as far enough away from the mount to initiate a stretch on the resistance bands. Your bottom arm will be laying in front of you to act as a pivot point. Next, raise both of your legs off the ground. This will help activate the muscles throughout your core. Now, bring your arm down near your side crunching towards your knee. Your arm and knee should come together simultaneously in the middle of your body.

Use Resistance Bands To Get Rid Of Side Fat

The Ballistic Bands are a great addition to the Resisted Oblique Crunch. The resistance bands allow you to comfortably wrap them around your wrist and stretch them to a desired length. By adding resistance to each crunch you will be able to build muscles throughout your oblique. If you have stronger oblique muscles it will help tone the area and improve your appearance. A stronger core will give you the appearance of a skinnier waist line bringing in your midsection. Watch the video several times as we move through several technique tips that must be completed to do this exercise properly. Complete 15 reps on each side for four total sets with small rest periods after each set.

What Else Can You Do To Get Rid Of Side Fat?

As we reviewed earlier, a calorie deficit is essential to reducing side fat. Check out KBT Nutrition for more information on how to properly create a calorie deficit. Each training video is designed to help you understand the correct amounts of food to eat, in addition to simple tricks you can do to increase daily calorie burn. The tools provided in KBT Nutrition will help you achieve your goals fast.

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