Fun and Effective Ways to Build Back Muscles at Home


Fun and Effective Ways to Build Back Muscles at Home

If you are like most people you do the same workout routine the same way each day of the week. Just because it is called a workout doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. It should always be effective, otherwise why are you doing it. There are great fun and effective ways to shake up and get results from your home fitness workouts. One of the ways to make them fun is to change up your routine. Perform different exercises while working out. This confuses your muscles and helps to stimulate growth, as they must adjust to the new routine.

If you haven’t used resistance bands in your workouts now is the time to incorporate them. They will increase the intensity of any workout and the variety will add an element of excitement making the workout more enjoyable. And at the same time you will get muscle activation that you will feel throughout the workout. This burn will linger throughout the day and the next day. This feeling will let you know your back workout was effective. Of course working out with a partner makes every workout more fun and effective, helps the time to pass quicker, and it builds accountability as you share your fitness goals with your partner. It is also harder to skip a workout because you know your partner is there waiting on you to perform the workout.

Resistance bands are a great addition to a home gym. They are versatile and are easily adapted to every fitness level. The Fusion Cable Home Training System requires very little space and is easy to install. With this Home Training System you can perform all of the back workouts you did at the gym without the huge expense of the machines. All in your own house. The system also allows you to get in a quick back workout if you are short on time or a full back workout if time is not an issue. The following video will demonstrate many back supersets that will give you great results. As well as highlight quick back high intensity isolation exercises that will increase the blood flow to the muscle and provide a good counter balance to the heavy superset routines. Watch the video and pick a partner to mirror their exercise routine and get an effective back workout using resistance bands.




Low to High Warm-up Set

This fun and effective back workout begins with a quick warm-up set of Low to High using a light resistance band on the low Fusion Mount. Perform 15-20 reps on each arm moving quickly between each arm with no breaks. Complete 3-4 sets to get the back ready for the full workout. Warm-up sets are good to get the muscles warm and ready to work. While doing this warm-up set make sure you are flexing your shoulders and delts. Keep a slight bend in the elbow as you work to get loose.

Pull-Ups and Seated Low Row Superset

The first back workout superset is Pull-Ups and a Seated Low Row. Place the Fusion Cables on each of the Mounts and attach the Fusion Handles. Sit on the floor out from the wall keeping a flat back but a slight lean at the waist. Pull the resistance into your sternum or upper chest. This exercise will activate your middle back and biceps. Perform 20-25 reps in each set. This exercise is identical to the low row smith machine at the gym. The resistance bands provide a nice change to using the weights at the gym. During this set keep the movements controlled and focus on flexing the muscle we are working. You can finish a set with quick pulse sets or even a static hold. Each of these variations places the muscle under a different kind of load that it must adjust to. While it is adjusting, it is growing.

Then quickly move into a Pull-Up set. Grab the bar with a wide neutral grip. Perform as many pull-ups as possible to failure. Work to get your chin or forehead up to or over the bar. The more range of motion the more your muscles must work. If necessary, use a Ballistic Band and place it over your knee for assistance or to get extra reps at the end of your set. The Ballistic Bands will help add another 6-8 reps to your pull-up total. This increases the time your muscles are under tension, which means more blood flow, more activation and ultimately growth. Pull-ups can be hard to perform. Just keep trying and use the Ballistic Bands throughout the entire set if you need to. Eventually your muscles will adapt, develop and you won’t need the assistance. If you need to use the bands that’s okay. For fun, set a goal of when you will be able to do a pull-up without the assistance. Setting goals also helps to keep you motivated and keeps the workouts challenging and fun.

Seated Resisted Rows

The next exercise is a one performed with heavy resistance. This will challenge your lats and biceps as your pull this heavy weight. Place resistance bands on each of the mounts and thread the ends through a Fusion Strap. Attach 2 Fusion Handles to the strap and sit out away from the wall. Perform 4-5 sets in a you-go-I-go routine. This heavy weight is an effective way to work the muscles after the pervious superset. The muscles must now recruit more energy to move the heavier weight. It will cause the muscles to break down and then during the healing process you will get growth. Your arms and back should be on fire.

There should be little movement in your torso other than your arms. Remember to keep a flat back, tight core and focus on the muscles we are working, the back and bicep. During the recovery of the muscle remember for the muscle to grow you must feed it. That means proper nutrition. Plenty of protein, fruits and vegetables. If you don’t properly feed your body then growth will take longer to occur. Another fun little tip to perform while performing this exercise is during the pull movement try to pull the handles apart. This will provide a little extra activation that will help to maximize your benefits.

Seated and Standing Lat Pull Downs

The next superset will again target the lat muscles in the back and work the arm and core indirectly. During all of our workouts we work 1 or 2 muscles directly and many others indirectly as the body must stabilize to perform the exercise. Thread a Fusion Strap through the top mount and place 2 resistance bands through the strap. These resistance bands should be relatively heavy so we are working the back during each set. On the other high mount also place a Fusion Strap with a heavy resistance band through the strap with handles on each end. During the Seated Lat Pull Downs make sure you keep a big chest. During the down movement keep your hands to the side and behind your head. Remember to squeeze the lats and shoulder blades together during each rep. You should feel this in your upper back and biceps. It is important to keep a tight core. Perform slow and controlled movements throughout the sets. For variety you can mix in quick pulse sets and static holds to help make the superset more fun and effective. The point is to take the muscle to failure each time.

Performing the Standing Lat Pull Down is going to hit the back muscles from another angle after the Seated Pull Downs. The back is going to be tired but this lighter weight will ensure you can still get range of motion and will recruit more blood to the area to help push yourself to failure. Remember failure means growth while the muscle is healing. This exercise indirectly challenges the bottom side of the arm and back during the movement, which will stimulate growth and help build size.

Reverse Fly from a Low Mount

The final exercise in this effective back workout routine is the Reverse Fly from a Low Mount. We have just completed several supersets using heavy resistance bands. These supersets have challenged the muscles and they want to stop. Following a heavy workout set with a high pace, medium weight workout will cause a great burn in the muscle bringing more blood to the area one last time putting them over the top. Place a medium weight resistance band on the low mount with a handle on the end. Step off the wall and perform 3-4 sets of 12-20 reps in each set. Quickly perform this workout on each arm, flipping from side to side taking no breaks throughout the complete set.

Fun and Effective Back Workouts Final Thoughts

Workouts don’t have to be boring or routine. Actually changing them up keeps the workouts interesting so you want to continue to perform. Also changing the workouts keeps the muscles confused. Muscles have memory and want to do what they did last time. To ensure you are developing and growing your muscles your must change your routine every month or so. Performing your workouts using the Fusion Cable Home Training System allows you to easily and quickly change your routine, change the resistance, and change the angle at which you hit the muscle while working out. This means the muscle has to compensate and ultimately grow. It means your workouts are fun and challenging but also effective since you will get results. It keeps you consistently working out which is critical to achieve the long-term gains you are working toward.

Working out consistently is one component to getting results from effective workouts. You must also feed your muscles properly for them to grow. You have heard the expression “muscles are made in the home gym but exposed in the kitchen.” That means you need to properly fuel your muscles after a workout. They need protein, they need green vegetables and fruits, plenty of water and rest. Don’t overeat or your hard work won’t be visible. There is a lot of nutrition information at that will help you in your quest for the body you are working to achieve.


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