Cone Drills For Kids To Increase Speed

Cone Drills For Kids To Increase Speed

Published by Trevor Theismann on 30th Dec 2021

Cone Drills for Kids: Importance and Set Up

Cone drills for kids are a simple yet highly useful tool when training young athletes and require very little equipment and space for an intense and speed building workout. Cone drill for kids will naturally require there to be a different set up when it comes to spacing. Make sure that for younger kids the spacing is a little tighter. This will ensure that the proper muscles are being activated and decreased the likelihood of injury for these growing athletes. For older more experienced child athletes, space the cones out farther to place the focus on increasing range of motion. Younger kids may just be training to improve the overall movement. When working with kids also know that a warm up is important to keep muscles safe from over stretching. Younger athletes bodies are still maturing, so cone drills for kids with Kbands resistance are a great way to build speed and muscle without over training.

For this particular drill, set up six speed and agility cones in a lateral plane, again spacing them apart depending on the athlete. Two additional cones will be used during this drill. The first additional cone should be placed about ten yards in front of the line of cones. The second cone, place about five yards back, diagonal with the first cone. This cone placement will force the athlete to push for speed while also changing direction, moving laterally and linearly. Cone drills for kids allow the athlete or coach to vary the distance based on the need. The resistance utilized during this drill is the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands. Strap those bands just above the knees and clip on the proper level resistance bands. It will be crucial to teach the athlete proper form for this cone drill. The Kbands will work to activate muscle in a unique way, so proper form is vital for kids who are still developing and growing. Cone drills for kids using the Kbands resistance bands will aid in a future of superior athletic performance.

Performance and Sets

Cone drills for kids will challenge the athlete in a dynamic and customizable way. With the speed and agility cone in place and the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands comfortably strapped on, begin the cone drill for kids. Start at one end of the lateral set of cones. Perform high knees from one end to the other. Push the muscle and drive the knees up through the resistance of the Kbands and maintain athletic shape and movement throughout the cone drill. This will target the hip flexors and glutes, muscles that will propel the body forward and aid in increased speed and performance. Once the athlete reaches the end of the line of cones, change direction and take off in a forward motion toward the first cone. Sprint hard and keep the movement tight, maintaining proper form and core engagement. Touch the first cone and then pivot on one foot to turn towards the second cone, behind the first. Touch the second cone, pivot again and take a fifteen-yard sprint forward past the cones. Cone drills for kids allow for a dynamic set up that will challenge muscle of the hips, legs, and core for optimal sport performance. The added resistance of the Kbands increased the muscle fibers that are being recruited and utilized during the drill for maximized results. This cone placement will force the athlete to push for speed while also changing direction, moving laterally and linearly while also working on rotational movement. This kind of directional speed is crucial for sport performance.

Perform eight high knee and sprint repetitions with the added resistance of the Kbands leg Resistance Bands. Last, perform 4-5 sets without the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands. Always perform a few sets at the end of drill without resistance. This allows the body to adjust and the athlete to perform under their own body weight.

Increase Speed With Kbands

Cone Drill for Kids: Cool Down

Cone drills for kids are meant to push them and engage many muscle groups as well as increase the heart rate, this means cool down is vital. These drills are intense and will get the heart rate up quickly. Stretching and allowing the muscle time to recover after a workout is crucial for increase performance and injury prevention. This is even more highly valued for young athletes who are still growing and developing the body. Muscle is built in the rest period, so allow the muscle to rebuild strength. After the drill take a few minutes too cool down with a walk or light jog. Then stretch the muscle groups used during the cone drill. Stretching will increase range of motion for athletes and prevent injury. The Recovery Foam Roller is a great tool for improving recovery time and getting oxygen and blood to the muscle quickly and effectively.

Athletes must refuel by drinking a good amount of water and eating proper nutrition after training. The training is only half the battle when it comes to excelling in a sport. Nutrition is what will give athletes the energy and edge up on competition so that they can train and play hard for a long time.

More Drill for Kids: Final Thoughts

Young athletes can benefit greatly from cone drills for kids. These types of drills are easily set up and can be adjusted depending upon the athletes age and size. This cone drill for kids is perfect for large group practice as athletes can quickly go one after the other through the drill. Speed Training Drill for Kids and How to Increase Strength for Kids are just two of the many kid’s training drills Kbands has available. These videos will help to safely coach and train younger athletes who are maturing and growing. 

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