Athlete Ladder Reaction Drill

Athlete Ladder Reaction Drill

Published by Trevor Theismann on 30th Dec 2021

Why Athletes Need To Have Short Reaction Time?

Any athlete who is motivated and focused towards improving his overall performance knows that not only he needs to have the best physical fitness but short reaction time as well. Any sport whether an individual or a team sport requires the athlete to be very agile as well as quick in his reflexes and reactions. Therefore practicing drills which allow an athlete to reduce the reaction time is very important for overall performance of an athlete. Using resistance like Kbands leg resistance bands while performing athlete ladder reaction drill can help in improving muscle during each repetition.

How The Athlete Reaction Drill Is Performed Using Kbands Leg Resistance Bands?

Before beginning with the ladder reaction drill the athlete should strap on the Kbands leg resistance bands just above the knees at the level of resistance he is comfortable with. The Kbands leg resistance bands help in getting the muscle fibers activated so that the athlete gets more resisted acceleration as well. The ladder sequence is started with the athlete positioned at the end of the ladder. He then begins to move down the ladder. But instead of simply running down the ladder, the athlete should make high knee movement and utilize the icky shuffle movement. The shuffling movement helps in quickening of the pace and enables resisted rapid movements of the legs and knees also. The athlete should accelerate down the ladder as quickly as he can, using solid movement of legs with Kbands leg resistance bands as well as maintaining a good head position.

At this point, the role of the coach or the trainer comes in to play. At the end of the ladder, the coach or the trainer will come in and make the athlete react to his jab step. Timing in this ladder drill is very important; therefore the coach or the trainer should ensure that they step in just at the last minute. The athlete should immediately exit the ladder after he picks up and after the exit he should change direction and sprint for about ten yards. The pace should be maintained at high level at this juncture. Before getting back in line, it is recommended that the athlete should take a very brief rest period of 10- 15 seconds. Before wrapping up the drill, the athlete should complete 10 sets each of the high knee movements coupled with the icky shuffle for maximum benefits.

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Importance Of Using Kbands Leg Resistance Bands In Athlete Ladder Reaction Drill

Kbands leg resistance bands are great for getting the muscles along the leg going. With Kbands leg resistance bands, an athlete can feel the mild burning sensation in the muscles of the legs which indicate that the resistance is getting the muscle bonds activated. Resistance training is great way to achieve improved muscle resilience as well as shorter acceleration time lapses. It means that more you practice with resistance like Kbands leg resistance bands the more quickly you can accelerate on the field. While performing the ladder reaction drill, the emphasis is put on the shuffle as well as the high knee movement. Obviously the role of the coach or the trainer cannot be ignored for improvement of the reaction time. Movement with Kbands leg resistance bands helps the athlete in achieving explosiveness as well as faster pace. As a result the legs become more flexible and responsive towards any workout or physical activity that they are meant to perform. The Kbands leg resistance bands help in activating the muscles at their very core which help in increased strength and explosiveness. Practicing with Kbands on a ladder drill will greatly help in holistic improvement in the performance of the athlete. The reaction time and strength are both improved with this ladder reaction drill.

Some Important Points To Be Remembered While Performing The Drill

The Kbands leg resistance bands help in activating the muscle fibers; however an athlete should be very mindful of the level of resistance that he is using. Starting off with the lowest resistance the athlete should move up the levels of resistances gradually and if at any point the resistance seems to be hurting the leg it should be removed immediately. Although it is important to remember that mild burning sensation is completely normal. But that should not be confused with anything that does not feel right. The athlete should listen to his body and gradually increase the levels of resistance.

The main aim of ladder reaction drill is to improve the reaction time of the athlete. The role of coach or trainer in this drill cannot be undermined. The coach should come in just at the last second to help the athlete in reacting to his jab step. The coach or the trainer should wait till the last moment. Any time later or sooner than the exit of the athlete off the ladder, will not be of any benefit to the athlete. The resting period between the two sets of the ladder reaction drill should be very short and should be 10- 15 seconds only. 

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