Cardio Training For Women With Kbands Resistance Bands

Kbands Cardio Bands: Benefits of Cardio Training for Women

Cardio training for women is vital for decreasing body fat and improving cardiovascular fitness. Cardio training is not only important for fitness and powerful sport performance but overall wellness. Interval training in women’s fitness is great because it will maximize efforts in a short amount of time. The Kbands cardio bands are essential in boosting the heart rate and activating multiple muscles. During exercise the heart is pumping more blood and oxygen to the muscles and brain. So cardio training for women is important for heart, brain, and muscle health. Cardio training with Kbands cardio bands will bring fitness to the next level and allow not only for increase sport performance but also a toned and healthy body.



The key with the high knee push-up combo with Kbands cardio bands is to ramp up muscle activation and heart rate for full body cardio training. This exercise will aid in the user reaching fitness goals whether that goal is to be in better shape or improving cardiovascular fitness for sport performance and health reasons.

Kbands Cardio Bands: High Knees and Push-up Combo

The high knee push-up combo is going to activate multiple muscle groups and get the heart rate up for intense cardio training. High knees are going to target the core, glutes, quads, and calves. This move will be even more intense and will burn the leg muscles by using the Kbands cardio bands. The push-ups will target the muscles of the arm, chest, and core. Multiple muscle groups are being utilized for maximum fat burn, elevated heart rate, and elevated metabolism. The high knee push-up with Kbands cardio bands is an essential addition to any cardio training routine to improve fitness and tone up and get in shape.

The most important and only piece of equipment necessary are the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands. To use these Kbands strap on the Kbands comfort straps. Straps should be place comfortably just above the knee for proper use and muscle activation. Clip onto the straps the resistance bands; one in the front and one the in back. The Kbands cardio bands take the well-known high knee and push-up movements to the next level by increasing muscle activation and ramping up the heart rate with every movement. Kbands are designed to increase resistance and there for heart rate, muscle utilization, and fat burning.

High Knees and Push-up Combo: Performance and Form

The high knee push-up combo with Kbands cardio bands will start with the high knees. First, stand in an upright position with proper posture. Keep the core tight and the spine straight; neither extended nor flexed. This posture will allow for the best possible muscle activation and prevent any potential injury. Begin driving the knees up as high as possible and driving the elbows back. The arms and legs are both fully engaged to ensure max effort and cardio training. By using the entire body along with the Kbands cardio bands this is a powerful and intensely effective move; activating multiple muscle groups for cardio training for women that will get the body in shape.

The second half of this set is the push-up. Immediately after the last high knee, come down to the floor in a push-up position. Tighten the muscles of the core and legs to get the most out of this move. Now, perform a proper push-up by keeping the body in a line and bringing the chest to the floor and then pushing the body back up. The key throughout the duration of this cardio training routine for women are bursts of high intensity where the user will give all out 100 percent effort for a short time with a rest afterward. So give these sets everything for maximum results and to get the best cardio training.


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Kbands Cardio Bands: Reps and Sets

Perform a set of 44 high knees; this will end up being 22 repetitions on each leg. Immediately get to the ground in proper push-up position. Beginners will perform 1-3 push-ups and more advanced users will perform 3-5. Quickly jump up and repeat this series two more times for a total of three rounds per set. These sets need to be done at max effort. Then take a 2-minute rest.

A moving rest in between sets with this cardio training routine is very important. Rest for two minutes after completing one set by walking around the room, jogging easily in place, or stepping side to side. Bringing the heart rate down in between sets is what will achieve max fat burn and cardio training. After this 2-minute rest begin the next set at a high intensity, giving all out effort. The end will have completed 3 sets, resulting in a full body cardio training routine for women.

Kbands Cardio Bands: Results

Cardio for heart health and women’s fitness is vital. The heart is sending blood, nutrients, and oxygen to every part of the body. This is important for muscular, mental, and heart health. Having a regular cardio training routine, especially high intensity interval training will burn fat and result in a toned, in shape body. This Kbands cardio bands workout will get the heart rate up and the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands will improve muscle activation. This combination means more fat burn and cardiovascular endurance.

Kbands Cardio Bands: Final Notes

Combine this cardio routine with other strength training moves such as the pointer flare with Kbands Leg Resistance Bands. A toning move that targets glutes and hip muscles is the pointer flare. After getting the heart rate up bring it down by performing pointer flares with the Kbands and really rounding out the fitness routine. Perform 3 sets of 10-15 reps on each leg. This will bring the heart rate down while also giving the legs a nice workout. This entire routine, cardio and toning, will get the body in shape and torch calories and fat. Be sure to stay hydrated and refuel with proper nutrition after any workout. Give the body the fuel it needs to build muscle and replenish the water lost when sweating.


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