Basketball Spot Shooting Drill | Resisted Jump Shooting

Basketball Spot Shooting Drill | Resisted Jump Shooting

When training for basketball it is important to keep drills as sport specific as possible. Often times in the game of basketball shooters will get bumped in the air or thrown from their center of balance. It is essential that we use basketball specific drills to challenge shooters balance while trying to finish. Giving shooters a bump in the air or a shove in the back would be one way, but it is a more efficient to provide resistance and assistance during a shooters’ jump shot. By utilizing the Reactive Stretch Cord, we can influence the shooters’ shot after the shooter moves into the air. This will allow us to mimic contact during the shot. Utilize the video below to enhance your shooting technique as well as positioning during this drill. 



Spot Shooting Drill Set Up

To begin we will be utilizing the Reactive Stretch Cord. Athletes, be sure to securely place the belt around your waist to allow the 360 D-ring to naturally rotate around your body. Slack in the belt will allow the belt to rotate around the body. We want to secure the comfort fit belt so that only the D-ring rotates around the body. This will allow for proper assistance and resistance throughout the drill.

To complete the Spot Shooting Drill properly it is important that we start small. Anchors must provide the correct amount of resistance needed to allow shooters the ability to maintain their natural shooting motion. By providing too much resistance shooters will develop bad habits in their shooting form. This can occur with too much assistance. Starting small will allow basketball players to maintain proper form while receiving the optimal amount of resistance to mimic a sport specific bump. 

Shooting Technique | Spot Shooting Drill

The Spot Shooting Drill can be completed at any position on the court. We will want to mimic the shot selection that each basketball player takes most on the court. This may be in the paint, near the three-point line or runners in the lane. By completing shots that are most taken, we can ensure that basketball players will be ready for the next game.

Reactive Stretch Cord Resistant Shots

It is important when utilizing resistance during a shot to change up not only the amount of resistance, but also the time in which it is applied. Anchors can apply resistance before or after the shooter goes into the air.  This will ensure that shooters receive a different amount of resistance at different times throughout their shot, allowing them to adjust and finish. Anchors should work close to the basketball player choking up on the stretch cord to create the optimal amount of resistance needed. Anchors need to stay active, moving with the basketball player. This will create resistance at different shot angles to challenge center of balance throughout the shot. 


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Assisted Spot Shooting

Resistance shooting allows basketball players to build power through resistance to finish through contact. Assistance on the other hand is provided to enhance the basketball player’s ability to finish with a shove in the back, or increased momentum to the basket. To apply proper assistance to each athlete, the anchor needs to be in front of the shooter. This will allow the correct positioning for each individual shot. Anchors should keep in mind that they must pull the slack out of the Reactive Stretch Cord as the athlete goes up for a shot. With an abundance of slack between the athlete and the anchor, it will be near impossible to apply assistance for each shot. 

Basketball Spot Shooting Drill Reps and Sets

For training purposes, it is a essential that basketball players maintain proper form during shooting. The point of the drill is not to fatigue the basketball player and create bad habits. Rather, to build strong finishing skills while shooting the basketball through resistance and assistance. The amount of working reps and sets all depends on the basketball players’ conditioning and skill set. Active sets of 30 to 45 seconds of shots should be used. This will allow athletes to adjust in the air and continue to finish strong. Alternate resistance and assistance between shots, or complete resistance sets and assisted sets individually.

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Combine this drill with other Reactive Stretch Cord drills such as: Tower Layups, Three Cone Shuffle or Single Leg Lateral Bounds. These drills can be combined for a one-hour training session leaving athletes with complete muscle activation and enhanced skills. For your very own Reactive Stretch Cord you can complete your order and receive a 30-day money back guarantee today. We here at stand by our products and know you will see the results during competition.


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