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Using Battle Rope Exercises For An Arm Workout

Different types of exercises will force different types of muscle activation in the body. Arm workouts which are performed with weights affect the body differently than battle rope exercises will. The reason for this different amount of muscular activation during these different arm workouts is the speed of the exercises. When athletes are performing traditional strength training they are using controlled motions to complete one repetition at a time. During battle rope workouts athletes are actively trying to increase the speed at which the ropes are moving.

A good combination of traditional weight lifting and battle rope exercises will greatly aid athletes in developing quickness and strength in their upper body. Since the athletes arms are working quickly during battle rope exercises they are able to use these types of arm workouts to induce more fast twitch muscle fiber recruitment, as well as training the bodies central nervous system to send signals to the muscles telling them to move faster. These battle rope workouts, combined with traditional strength training arm workouts, help to increase both strength and speed in the upper body.



Grab A Partner And Complete These Arm Burning Battle Rope Workouts

To complete the Arm Burning Battle Rope Workouts athletes will need 2 Victory Ropes and a partner to complete both modifications of the battle rope exercises. Athletes will begin the first exercise by moving into the athletic position, holding one Victory Rope in each hand. To safely and correctly hold the Victory Ropes athletes will slide the Anchor Strap around their wrist and then grasp the Victory Rope with their hand. This will ensure athletes do not lose control over the Victory Ropes, keeping them and everyone around them safe for the duration of the battle rope exercises.

Once athletes have moved into their athletic stance and have secured the Victory Ropes through the Anchor Straps they will move far enough away from each other so a small amount of slack is felt and seen in the Victory Ropes. Once enough distance is between the two athletes they will begin the Arm Burning Battle Rope Workouts.

To complete the Victory Rope arms workouts one athlete will perform an active portion as their partner performs a static hold. As one athlete begins to quickly slam the Victory Ropes their partner will attempt to hold their arms at a 90 degree angle with upper arms tucked into and running parallel with the torso as their hands and forearm extend and point toward their partner. Athletes performing the static holding portion of the arm workouts needs to keep abs tight and shoulder blades pulled together as they battle against the inertia and force being produced by their partner in the battle rope exercises. Active partners need to work to get the Victory Ropes moving as quickly as possible. Actively thinking and working to move your body faster is a great way to train it to move at a faster speed.

After 15-20 seconds of performing the exercise athletes will switch roles so the athlete performing the active portion of the arm workouts is now performing the static hold portion and the athlete performing the static hold is now performing the active repetitions of the battle rope exercises. Complete 3-5 rounds of the battle rope workouts before moving into the strength phase of the Victory Ropes arm workouts.


Strength And Conditioning With The Victory Ropes


Battle Rope Exercises For Strength

Now that athletes have gotten their shoulders and arms burning it is time for them to move into more strength based battle rope exercises. For this second variation of Victory Rope Arm Workouts athletes will assume the same arm position as before with Anchor Straps secured around wrists. Both athletes will simultaneously be performing the same movement so both athlete will have a 90 degree bend at their elbow with the upper arms running down their torso and their forearms and hands extended and pointing toward their partner. Athletes will add a different body position to the arm workouts as they move into the “split position”. To correctly execute the split position both athletes will bring the same leg forward, sink their hips so their front leg is at a 90 degree angle, and ensure the knee is not protruding over the front toe. Athletes will hold this position at a point where their front thigh is parallel to the ground. Athletes will both have the same leg forward while completing the arm workouts.

To complete the battle rope exercises athletes will simultaneously row both arms. To complete the rowing portion of the arm workouts athletes should focus on driving their elbows back and not just closing the gap at their elbow. As athletes drive their elbows back it is important they actively focus on squeezing their shoulder blades together. When athletes are extending their arms back in front of them it is important they keep the tension in their shoulders and lats. Keeping constant tension on the back during arm workouts allows for a much greater amount of muscle fiber to be reached due to the concept of TUT, or Time Under Tension. The basic idea behind this concept is that the longer the muscles are placed under tension and not allowed to relax, not even for a split second, then the more muscle fibers will have to be recruited to complete that action.

Complete 15-20 second rounds of the arm workouts completing 2-4 sets per side, allowing 40 seconds of rest between sets.

Arm Workouts For Athletes

These partner arm workouts are great for getting multiple athletes involved during a training session. The multi functional arm workouts are great for athletes to increase a multitude of upper body skills in a single drill. The first portion of the arm workouts forces faster movement in the arms while the second portion slows down the arm workouts and focuses on strengthening the body, teaching it to work together.


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