AAU Basketball Drills | RSC Basketball Shot And Shuffle

AAU Basketball Drills | RSC Basketball Shot And Shuffle

The purpose, and advantage, of using some sort of resistance while training is to lies in the strength and power that is added to the resisted movement. Athletes and coaches who perform resisted defensive basketball drills will see great improvements in their reactive abilities and quickness. Athletes who use resistance during offensive basketball drills will improve basketball shots while being contacted by a defender. Resisted basketball shots and other offensive basketball drills will help teach athletes to score on a shot in the lane when contact is received. These basketball shots are desirable to complete since they often can result in three points for the athletes team.

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AAU Basketball Drills

To be the best at their particular sport an athlete will need to have their body and skills functioning at a high level. In order to translate these basketball drills into improved athletic output athletes and coaches must utilize basketball drills that mimic game like scenarios.

In modern basketball it is becoming more and more rare to see a big man who just sits under the goal. More and more often all five players on the offensive team will be running around the three point line to set a pick, or try to get open for a basketball shot. This means that all 5 athletes on defense must be mobile and quick enough to defend on the perimeter.

With the added energy used from both the offense (in running around the court) and defense (chasing offensive players around the court) athletes need to utilize basketball drills which challenge the endurance strength in the muscles of the legs, thighs, and core.

The RSC Basketball Shot And Shuffle uses the Reactive Stretch Cord to add backward resistance as the athlete moves laterally in an arch around the three point line. To complete the RSC Basketball Shot And Shuffle athletes will need a set of Kbands Leg Resistance Bands, a Reactive Stretch Cord, a basketball, and three Speed and Agility Cones. Athletes will be adding additional resistance to the basketball drills by securely placing the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands just above their knees. The Kbands Leg Resistance Bands will place additional tension on the glutes and outer thighs. Athletes will then secure the Reactive Stretch Cord to some kind of anchor, the basketball goal, or have a partner place their hand through the Anchor Strap to anchor the RSC Basketball Shot And Shuffle. If athletes are anchoring the Reactive Stretch Cord they will want to unclip the Reactive Stretch Cord from the Adjustable Belt and place the Reactive Stretch Cord around the anchoring structure and through the Anchor Strap. Athletes will then re-clip the Reactive Stretch Cord to the Adjustable Belt and attach the Adjustable Belt around the athletes’ waist. Athletes and coaches will then place three Speed and Agility Cones around the three point line. One Speed and Agility Cone should be placed at the middle of the three point line while the remaining two Speed and Agility Cones should be placed evenly on both sides of the three point line. These Speed and Agility Cones should be placed in spots where athletes would normally take a basketball shot, or drive to the hoop. Athletes will also need a basketball to complete the RSC Basketball Shot And Shuffle.


Play Defense Like The Pros


RSC Basketball Shot And Shuffle

Once athletes have the Speed and Agility Cones and resistance in place they will stand at the middle Speed and Agility Cone, come into a good athletic position, raise their arms into the air, and begin to shuffle laterally toward one of the other two Speed and Agility Cones. Once athletes reach the outside Speed and Agility Cone they will begin to move back toward the middle cone, and then to the opposite outside cone. Complete this back and forth lateral motion for 30 seconds before taking a pass and a basketball shot.

For the finishing pass and basketball shot athletes can either take the pass and then drive to the hoop from a specific Speed and Agility Cone, mimicking a high volume shot for the athlete, or take the pass and drive as soon as the 30 seconds expires.

Athletes will perform 5-6 resisted sets of the RSC Basketball Shot And Shuffle before moving on in their basketball drills and training. Athletes should take 30-40 seconds of recovery between sets of the RSC Basketball Shot And Shuffle.

Basketball Drills

When moving side to side during the RSC Basketball Shot And Shuffle athletes need to mimic good defensive form. Therefore, athletes need to keep their hands high while staying in a good athletic position. The resistance from the Reactive Stretch Cord and Kbands Leg Resistance Bands will make the abs fatigue and the legs burn. As athletes move side to side it is important they maintain and practice good body positioning. Good body positioning will help to improve strength in the stabilizing muscles in the abs, butt, and shoulder blades.

As athletes push through the resisted basketball drills it is important they keep a back and downward squeeze with their shoulder blades. This will keep the shoulders from rolling forward and will keep the body in great vertical alignment. Next athletes will want to focus on engaging their abs to stabilize the torso and keep added tension off the low back. Next athletes will want to keep a squeeze on their butt to contract the glutes and hamstrings. This will aid in athletes maintaining their good athletic position throughout the RSC Basketball Shot And Shuffle.

Athletes will also want to maintain their toes, chest and hips forward throughout the entire RSC Basketball Shot And Shuffle Drill. Opening up the hips to one side or turning the body will allow a quick offensive player to slide right past the athlete for an easy drive and basketball shot. During basketball drills athletes should always be trying to mimic their actions in a game.


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